Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 52 (Future Trunks Arc #6)


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Better than last week, but not by much.

We see a pretty pointless scene of Pilaf and friends helping Bulma with the time machine. At best, their previous use of tech came in handy and little Trunks is jealous of Future Trunks, but still not something anyone needed to see.

Vegeta’s super angry at Black for killing Future Bulma and how it hurt Future Trunks. Gee, if you were that angry, why didn’t you just destroy Black when you had the chance? You charged at Cell when Future Trunks was killed. It’s almost as if there’s bad writing amidst.

Future Trunks is dreaming about Black “killing” Future Mai. Now I’m angry because they need to stop being so in-my-face about this Trunks/Mai pairing. There is NO WAY he’d care more about Mai dying than Bulma. Bulma was objectively all he had left. Losing her should be the biggest blow to Future Trunks, perhaps more than losing Gohan. I don’t care if the writers want to see little Trunks/Mai carry over to the future for no reason. It’s irritating, in the way, makes no sense, and poorly integrated/written.

The blue liquid from that awful filler prior to this arc makes a return. It’s conveniently the fuel that the time machine needs.

Future Trunks asks Piccolo and Krillin about Gohan and tells the two that Gohan was his teacher. Piccolo and Krillin are surprised to hear this… WHAT? How do these two not know that? Maybe Krillin doesn’t know for whatever reason but it’s impossible for Piccolo not to know. He overheard the conversation between Goku and Future Trunks in Z.

Now for some History of Trunks flashbacks because if we’re bad at writing we’re going to show you scenes from something better except redrawn poorly. With all the flashbacks that simply lift Z footage, if it’s going to be word for word, why bother redrawing them inferiorly? Why waste what little budget you have? Heck, two minutes later they lift Z footage of Super Saiyan 2 Gohan fighting Cell. It doesn’t make sense.

Pan’s still the best character in Super and she can barely say two words.

It’s nice for Future Trunks to be happy for Gohan having a family and settling down. I can’t be mad at that. I do think calling this episode “reunion between master and student” is disingenuous and cheap because my concern last week was that these two have almost 0 connection in Z. To make this reunion out to be a big deal wasn’t earned.

I did want Future Trunks and Gohan to meet again and we do see Trunks’ reaction to Great Saiyaman though it wasn’t anything special which is how I’d rate this whole reunion. I think they could’ve done more. Have Gohan say something insightful that Trunks will take with him. Neither of them have anything good to say. Trunks at one point wonders why he’s there thinking the future is in danger. I would normally agree with him because there’s nothing going on to move the story along. However, it’s a stupid thought because he can’t do anything until Bulma gets the time machine running. Other than training for no reason, what else should he be doing?

I REALLY hated that they showed Mai eating with Bulma and Trunks in the future. Forget that I hate this forced pairing, but if whoever’s forcing it loves it so much why don’t they just say that they’re together? That would honestly clear things up a bit for me. For all that they shove in my face regarding this, it doesn’t mean anything because we don’t see them meet nor why they’re so “close” to the point where Trunks would dream about her death over Bulma’s. Relationships in Dragon Ball aren’t that complex, but they were never so obvious yet unsure at the same time.

Trunks flies off and thanks Gohan in his head as he now knows what he’s fighting for… Like there was any confusion or self-doubt as to what you were fighting for before? This doesn’t work if the character didn’t demonstrate any struggles that prevent him from doing what he’s supposed to do. If this episode didn’t happen, wouldn’t we just assume Trunks wants to save the future? You know, the same thing he wanted to do last time? He doesn’t need more of a reason than that. Sure, he can have more of a reason to but if this is supposed to be my takeaway from the episode, I feel robbed. He says he’ll defeat Black but I don’t think the writers are on your side…

Future Trunks changes into his General White sweater. Not sure why anyone thought this design was good. If it were me, I’d rather he inherit Vegeta’s BADMAN pink shirt.

Surprisingly the final scenes involving Whis, Beerus, and Goku traveling along with the new Kai are shoved at the end despite being in last week’s preview. Thought these would’ve been a bigger part of the episode but I guess not.

The preview for next week has Super Saiyan Goku fighting the new Kai once again wasting time with that form over anything higher.

Ultimate Reflections:


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