Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 (Future Trunks Arc #5)


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My goodness, this episode was awful.


Looks like I wasn’t too off when I used this cover before.


They spend several minutes explaining the origins of Cell’s time machine which is completely unnecessary. This whole exposition could’ve been done in three sentences. They even flashback to Z clips of that time, but they use an old-timey filter in an obvious ploy to disguise Trunks’ original anime hair color.


Even more silly is that they redrew and recorded lines for a portion of this flashback that already existed in Z, most of which doesn’t include any new information, at least not to my knowledge. What a waste. Why did they do this?


Goku asks Whis to train him. As I brought up last time, Goku could’ve easily defeated Goku Black last time had he transformed further. I don’t know why he cares to beat someone who is currently so much more weaker than him and Vegeta. It was different with villains like Cell and Buu who started out stronger than any of the good guys. They were legitimate threats to our heroes and the earth that needed to be defeated. Goku likes fighting strong opponents, but Black doesn’t seem to be that right now. Granted, Black was getting stronger as he fought, but Goku needed to lose as Super Saiyan Blue for me to care. Black should just be stopped the way it’s written. There isn’t even a mutual understanding that they want to fight again out of interest like Hit. This is just stalling and it’s pretty irritating.

The art was noticeably… not good this time around.

5 6 7

After watching this poorly drawn sequence of Black doing “The Goku”, I’ll speculate on him for once. While it makes no sense that Black is at the very least using Goku’s body, he says that copying Goku’s movements suits the body. Kind of lines up with that theory though I’d like to see the real explanation.

This isn’t new to Super, but why are Bulma’s Mom’s eyes open and open so much?

I’m hoping Mai is integral to defeating Black because this other flashback is painful to sit through. First, it didn’t tell me anything you couldn’t also tell me in three sentences. She’s part of a resistance which I could already figure out. We get some dialogue from Black explaining the age-old Ultron plot of destroying the human race to make the place better-er. Not information that required this sequence to tell it. Trunks never met Pilaf and Shu so instead of a hero’s death for either of them, they amount to nothing. No tragic event to inspire Future Mai to avenge them. Nothing.

How naive are Mai and the resistance to think that dropping some buildings on Black would kill him? She was already working with Trunks. Did he not tell her that this was a stupid idea? Did she not get the memo? Heck, how did some explosions under those huge buildings cause them to neatly disconnect and fall over?

While I expected and somewhat wanted a reason for Trunks and Mai to be working together, I don’t feel I got that. We don’t see how they meet. It’s just explained that they’re out to get Black. What a ripoff.

Apparently, the future doesn’t have Senzu Beans because Korin died offscreen. Strange that they never mentioned that in History of Trunks. Future Gohan made it seem like his one bean was the last, but if Korin really died, I wish I knew then over it being thrown in here.

Bulma and Dr Briefs are going to work on the time machine which perhaps unfortunately will leave us viewers with some downtime slowing down what little plot we have. In the last two reviews, I’ve asked for Trunks to interact with Gohan and 18. Seems we’re getting Gohan next week which is great. In hindsight, unless it’s done really well I don’t know how much I want it anymore. It’s nice for Trunks to check up with Gohan, but it doesn’t mean much because these two never developed a great connection in Z. That next week’s episode focuses and devotes its title to this pair doesn’t feel earned. They even have to waste time showing us newly (and poorly) drawn flashbacks to History of Trunks which has nothing to do with this Gohan. At best the green Kai finally shows himself.

The art might be even worse next week too. Those three on the right are static throughout Gohan’s pose routine which looks cheap and awful to the max.

8 9

Ultimate Reflections:
As bad as downtime can sound, it can be done extremely well. Dragon Ball characters are ripe for good, fun material. I really liked parts of the Pan episode. My melancholic feeling on this shouldn’t surprise anyone. I’m just constantly skeptical as I don’t feel all that good about the episodes so far. Hopefully we get some nice interactions next time and the downtime doesn’t take too long.

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