Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 (Future Trunks Arc #4)


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This was a step down from last time. Most of the episode was Goku fighting Black, but it was entirely pointless. I suppose it’s to establish that Black is currently no threat to Goku. Goku does the terrible fighting anime cliche where he doesn’t go all out for no reason other than bad writing. Having Super Saiyan 3 and Blue in reserve really just makes this fight irrelevant. It’s obvious that Black will be a real threat at some point, but until I see how that plays out, he needed to be a threat to Super Saiyan Blue for him to matter. It’s not the Dragon Ball way, but based on how this fight played out, if everyone ganged up on Black, arc over!

We’re getting more hints about Black’s origin. The Ring of Time is some Kai relic and of course he has the earring. Once again, through his dialogue he tells us more of what he may or may not know. He gets booted out of this “time” seemingly damaged from his fight with Goku. Before he leaves, he blows up the time machine. See Trunks, that’s what you get for not putting your toys away. I have to give the writers some credit for breaking out Cell’s time machine. It was the obvious answer I sort of saw coming. I appreciate callbacks like this. I’m curious if Shenron could’ve put Trunks’ time machine back together, but this is the smarter outcome.

Anyone else tired of Whis/Beerus calling “time travel” a crime? It’s clear they won’t be interfering and again, time travel doesn’t work the way Whis said. How is it that nobody’s cleared that up? There is literally no drawback to saving Trunks’ time. Revealing Cell’s time machine was clever in its own way, but to get time travel wrong is unforgivable.

The episode ends with Future Mai’s hand twitching. I suppose her having a dead body over Future Bulma not having one means she could’ve always been alive. I simply thought her death was cheap shock value to make the audience hate Black. I suppose I’ll be getting that exposition behind her and Future Trunks’ relationship. I just don’t know if that’s the right thing to be addressing next week. And more importantly, what does she contribute to the series? Any non-fighter besides Bulma and Dr. Briefs is a waste of time. The plan is for our “heroes” to go to the future, right? I better not see Pilaf and friends tag along for some shenanigans with Future Mai. We could get some sob story about how Pilaf and Shu died, but really. Who cares?

The eyecatches mixed old and new which is how it should’ve been if not new all the time.

Ultimate Reflections:
This review’s pretty short because I don’t feel much happened or was revealed to us. I’m wondering how long it’ll be before everyone goes to the future. I think right now this show is confused. As much as I praised last week’s episode which wasn’t overall that much, this week’s kind of showed me that they won’t run with the momentum from last week. I could be completely wrong, but I didn’t have high expectations after the pretty bad first two episodes. I suppose if there’s some downtime for Bulma to reverse engineer the time machine, we might see Trunks interact with Gohan and 18. Only things I want to see while he’s in this time besides more family moments with Bulma and Vegeta.

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