Prime Reactions Review – Finding Dory

Gotta stop putting these out so late after seeing them…

This was… okay. I didn’t love it but there weren’t any elements of it that were downright bad. In my Zootopia review, I questioned this film’s necessity. I still do, but in a different way. I don’t think this was a needed sequel. It doesn’t further the story because Finding Nemo wrapped up fine. I wasn’t demanding to know Dory’s past or parents. That said, I still think there was a point to making this film.

With Alzheimers and other memory-related problems being more and more common these days, I think it’s important to help kids be aware of it. Perhaps knowing about it can help kids understand what someone with memory loss goes through. Kids movies can be entertaining and you can easily leave it at that. I also like when they’re used as tools to actually say something or help acclimate kids to things that aren’t in their usual media. Just don’t be too heavy-handed with it. Make sure it’s a good product first and incorporate your message well.

Beyond that, I technically sat through the usual Pixar formula. It’s sad that I have to say that, but at the core, many of their films have a sameness to them. A journey with tomfoolery and quirky side characters. Just being a Finding Nemo sequel telegraphed that to me. I am a bit tired of it, but this film did it well. It kept my attention more than Inside Out.

Inside Out had the better ending, but Finding Dory was more visually interesting and funny. The bright parts of the ocean and aquarium were beautiful to look at. And as always, Pixar knows how things think. The touch area from the sea life’s point of view is frightening and they got that. Just like Toy Story 3 where they totally understand how really little kids handle toys.

They really succeeded with the new side characters. They were funny, well-acted, and served a purpose. I don’t feel like the three main sides were there just to sell toys. That was baby Dory’s job. Hank easily stole the show and I think Pixar knew it too with him being so prominent in the credits. Seeing his stealthy movements and camouflage was so fun. I can’t imagine what a nightmare it was to research and animate all that.

I don’t know if Dory can carry a movie. I’d really rather watch Marlin or the side characters. Despite her short-term memory loss which was played up quite a bit especially in the beginning, she still remembers things when the plot requires her to. Granted, this can be the case in real life, but when it’s your character’s schtick and she only remembers in the interest of plot, it’s kind of cheap. I also feel that what makes her worth watching isn’t Dory herself, but how others react to her. There’s a lot of that.

I didn’t stay for the post-credits as I wasn’t aware of one. I was going to, but got lazy.

Ultimate Reflections:
Again, I didn’t love this one, but there isn’t anything really wrong with it. It’s not a movie I’d really want to watch again, but there’s plenty to like and at a little over 90 minutes, it’s worth at least one watch. Definitely great for kids and if you have them, take them. I’m hoping we don’t have to find anyone else after this. Not like Pixar won’t have more journey movies for us in the future.


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