Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 (Future Trunks Arc #3)


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Last time, I was hoping that Goku and Trunks fighting in the preview wasn’t related to Trunks flipping out. And it wasn’t! Bulma smacks Trunks and he comes to his senses immediately.

The Pilaf gang are still irritating, but they weren’t taking up minutes of screentime at once, so that’s fine. Besides being irrelevant comic relief, what else are they going to do? Whoever forced them in needs to rethink his/her priorities or give them a point like in Resurrection ‘F’.

I liked the exchange between Trunks and Vegeta about the sword. Adds a bit of character/personality to Trunks. The sword really doesn’t look like the one he had before. Wondering if there’s a story to it as I feel like we can get something more solid than Tapion or you know, no story at all.

The interactions between Future and kid Trunks weren’t anything special. Guess I’d prefer that over minutes of bad comedy. I suppose there’s still Gohan and maybe 18 appearing that could be interesting.

So Goku Black conveniently has a “time ring” that reacts to time travel. Opens up tons of theories and speculation, but really it’s just a way for him to invade what we’re watching because the plot required him to. Nobody’s really a time traveler in this anime.

I hate how Whis wasted all that time explaining how time travel’s a crime and can have consequences. It doesn’t even work that way in this series and no one bothered to correct him. I hope he’s not right because this is a terrible thing to get wrong.

Lovable Beerus acts like a butt and threatens to destroy everyone for this “crime”. Since when does Beerus destroy for a legitimate reason? Targeting criminals was never his mission statement, so why act all noble now?

Wait, all that was for a food-related comedy bit? In that case, it was fantastic! Man, those writers are so talented. It’s not like they could’ve cut that part entirely for more important things.

Old eyecatches? Seriously?

I kind of liked that reviving Buu was an event in Trunks’ timeline. My only issue is that unless any of it factors in, it’s entirely pointless. You could’ve just had Vegeta ask Trunks if it was Majin Buu and Trunks says “Majin who?” and proceed to talk about Goku Black. It’s not like this led to Trunks getting the Z Sword. Supreme Kai gave Trunks “instructions” which were conveniently left out. Trunks just defeats Dabura. I don’t buy that Trunks can just catch/deflect Dabura’s spit. It’s arguable, but I don’t know if Trunks should’ve been able to beat Dabura that easily. Maybe we didn’t see everything, but it’s kind of lame. Didn’t even see the two swordfight. How cool would that have been? The one time a sword would’ve been relevant and they ignore it.

When Trunks does start to talk about Goku Black, I notice that some of the buldings were still under construction. That was a nice touch. As for Goku Black, Trunks doesn’t seem to reveal much. We can speculate a lot based on Goku Black’s dialogue though. The way he talks, what he may or may not know. The mystery continues.

I don’t like that Future Bulma didn’t just tell Trunks her real plan. What if no one ever found the journal? Bulma found it completely by accident. It still would’ve always been up to Bulma to refuel the time machine, but still.

I like that Trunks has Super Saiyan 2. I don’t like that he didn’t explain how he got it. Granted, everyone gains Super Saiyan X differently with most reacting to deaths. Knowing now that he has Super Saiyan 2, I wish Trunks got it from Future Bulma dying. She was objectively all he had left not counting forced Future Mai. I think it would’ve been awesome if he got it then. His fight with Goku Black would’ve been more amazing even if he loses. To be fair, Goku and Vegeta got it offscreen too, so nothing new.

Unlike well-drawn Super Saiyan 2s in Z, I couldn’t tell from Trunks’ hair that he was Super Saiyan 2. He and Goku have the lightning, but that’s not enough. A shame he didn’t transform twice. It would’ve helped.

So two Super Saiyan 2s caused all that wind? Battle of Gods didn’t even have that. I guess they wanted to make Trunks seem more impressive than he is, but losing to Super Saiyan 3 instantly just made this pointless. At best it’s a reference to Trunks testing Goku in their original meeting. Goku needed three more fingers to stop Trunks’ sword this time. Yay?

Goku Black crashes the party. Nothing really stands out in the preview other than Goku Black not turning Super Saiyan while Goku does. Hoping for more story instead of pure fighting, but we’ll see.

Ultimate Reflections:
I may have had my criticisms with this one, but this was a good episode, especially by Dragon Ball Super standards. It didn’t have a lot of the irritants I dealt with in the last two episodes. I almost wonder if they felt bad that they had to make an episode like this. The shenanigans were more or less reduced to quick dialogue and not several scenes lasting minutes. Thus, the pacing was smoother. Things were explained and the story actually progressed somewhat. To me this is the gold standard for a Dragon Ball Z/Super episode. Last week’s was pitiful in comparison after Trunks leaves. I feel that if we watched this episode directly after he leaves and touched up a few things, nothing would’ve changed.

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