Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 48 (Future Trunks Arc #2)


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I ended my post in the first link above comparing Future Trunks’ new design to General White


COMPLETELY forgetting that Trunks in GT also had a scarf… Oops.


After an unnecessarily long close to two minute recap… Trunks is trying to get to Capsule Corp. which is where the time machine is. What I don’t understand is why the time machine is at Capsule Corp., the most obvious place to keep it if bad guys wanted it. Goku Black isn’t aware of it, but still. Why didn’t they just keep it in a capsule wherever Bulma was last time? That location was secure until Goku Black learned to sense Trunks’ energy.

Anyway, we see Super Saiyan Trunks like I wanted though I found it awkward when he transformed. It looked like they drew one picture, held that shot, and used shaky cam to give us the illusion of animation.

Trunks fights Goku Black with some decent animation by Dragon Ball Super standards. Trunks gets hit towards the sword he dropped. He throws it at Goku Black to stop a blast and the sword comes back to Trunks like a boomerang.

“That thing does not obey the law of physics at all.”

Trunks using Masenko was cool, but he didn’t yell “HA!” after which cheapens it a bit. Wondering if we’ll see Burning Attack but I wouldn’t put it past Super’s animators to screw it up or ignore it because animating is hard.

That gave Trunks enough time to get into Capsule Corp. and get the time machine started. As the time machine flies into the open, Trunks is surprised that Goku Black was there… Like he was going to give up and go home? Goku Black starts up what looks like a Kamehameha, but he doesn’t say an attack name. Trunks leaves just in the nick of time.

Then we’re treated to about two and half minutes of Pilaf tomfoolery. Not funny. Not relevant.

Bulma refers to Future Trunks’ hair color as blue which means I’m supposed to believe it was always that color. No story behind it. It was blue this whole time.

Semi-called it that there was a second eyecatch.

Bulma now has a device she can contact Whis with which she carelessly threw in a drawer. It doesn’t surprise me that she can be absent-minded, but that device is pretty important considering Vegeta hangs out with Whis and Beerus more than his family.

I learned something today. Scandal in Japanese is… Scandal.

I guess the Pilaf hijinks after the time machine arrived are somewhat needed as kid Trunks isn’t in the know, but it’s still grating to watch. At least these scenes are short.

Vegeta has kid Trunks power up to full so Goku can sense his energy to Instant Transmission from Beerus’ planet when in Resurrection ‘F’, it took all the powered up heroes and in Super’s rendition, just Super Saiyan Gohan. Guess in this series kid Super Saiyan Trunks is the baseline of “strong enough” for Goku to sense from Beerus’ planet. Fun fact for pointless arguments!

Beerus and Whis tag along because I’m sure they’ll have SO much to contribute to the current situation.

Why is this teacher lady still here? It’s just more padding and unfunny “humor”.

We cut to Yajirobe and Korin doing some limbo until Goku arrives to grab eight Senzu Beans. This scene takes over a minute and a half.

They give Future Trunks a Senzu Bean. He wakes up to Goku’s face and flashbacks of Future Bulma and Mai dying. This sets him off and he attacks Goku which ends the episode.

The preview includes Super Saiyan Goku fighting Super Saiyan Future Trunks who has his sword which means he had time to grab it after he woke up. I’m REALLY hoping this isn’t all from PTSD. I give Future Trunks more credit than that. Just need Vegeta or Bulma to tell him it’s the real Goku and he’s alive because reasons. Otherwise it’s senseless Batman v Superman-ing just because. Goku looks excited so either he’s going with it or he’s testing Future Trunks.

Seems Goku Black has a ring that lets him travel here. Doesn’t make much sense that he can arrive exactly where/when Future Trunks did, but whatever gets the plot going.

Ultimate Reflections:
I hope Future Trunks explains everything next time. Like the last episode not much happened and we didn’t learn anything of substance. In terms of needed content, I can boil this episode down to Future Trunks escapes and wakes up. You can “Kai” this easily. A LOT of this episode could’ve been cut and nothing of importance would’ve been lost. I’d have preferred if Goku had a Senzu Bean on hand or if he didn’t go to Beerus’ at all. Heck, have Trunks just not pass out but still need a Senzu Bean. I wouldn’t think any less of Goku Black.

For as lukewarm as I am on these two episodes, at least I have some interest to see what happens. More than I can say for the other 46 episodes of Super. Helps that we have a real villain this time and not just an antagonist who isn’t really an antagonist and keeps butting in to eat screentime along with any food in sight.

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