Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 47 (Future Trunks Arc #1)


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Trunks gets to Bulma who’s been working on the time machine’s fuel, but only made enough for a one-way trip meaning Trunks would have to find another way back to the future. The “Goku Black” wrecks the lab because he can now sense Trunks’ energy. Bulma “dies”, but it’s such a blink and you’ll miss it moment. I didn’t even know she died the first time watching. There wasn’t a body for true confirmation. After reviewing the footage, I can see how I missed it.


How the hell was I supposed to know what that was? It LITERALLY starts with that shot and her face goes black in exactly one second after that. It’s sad for Trunks to lose his mother after already losing so much, but why so vague and stupid about showing it?

I called it last time too and I was afraid of this, but they cut to present Goku hijinks. It wasn’t even a transition that makes sense. Trunks and the audience saw his mother die and they just cut to this without it having to do with anything. How inappropriate. It’s not even worth discussing because anything with Goku in this episode is filler. At best, we see that Chi-Chi is serious about Goten’s studies like she was with Gohan. Good to know, but was this a detail that HAD to be addressed? Goten is irrelevant in this series anyway. Another “at best” we get is some exposition on the Omni-King and the scale of his destructive power. He can erase universes of which there used to be more. I assume this exposition is similar to Whis’ in Resurrection ‘F’ where he so subtly mentioned he can turn back time and he did to save the day and rob Vegeta of killing Frieza. I’m sure none of this will come up again though.

It’s nice to finally get an eyecatcher without Goku and Vegeta, but they just use the same one twice. Lazy if you ask me. It’s a still image, couldn’t do one more? I’m hoping there’s a second.


Trunks and Mai run into Goku Black and Mai dies… but this time it’s properly onscreen. But what do we know about future Mai? Nothing. No character. No backstory. Why am I supposed to care? Just because Trunks does? No doubt she was a good person, but in fiction we need more than that. Granted, we may get exposition on her when Trunks explains things to our main cast, but post-death it’s far less effective, if at all. I did think she’d survive to take the trip back with him. She’s on the poster, opening, eyecatcher and final shot of the opening after all. She seemed like a major character. It’s shock value, but I don’t care when she’s been around for less than ten minutes. Bulma “dying” wasn’t enough to make us hate the villain?

I will say that Trunks having a sword makes more sense here. He can shoot ki out of it and deflect energy attacks. It’s more than just “you can cut people in half if you swing down really hard”. I’m not sure it’s the same sword so hopefully we can get some exposition on that too.

Episode ends with Goku Black revealing himself. Very interesting that he only has a left earring. Guess that’s why we’ve only seen that side of his face. Perhaps he wants another? Or this is a fusion and he lost one? ? Maybe the Kai-looking dude’s involved though his earring is orange.

The episode preview shows kid Trunks with purple hair so that hasn’t changed… There’s a shot of him acting shocked and the Pilaf gang’s there. Hoping we get some exposition next time because there isn’t a single shot of Future Trunks awake in the present. It could be that he’ll take a while to escape from Goku Black. I want to see Super Saiyan Trunks. I’m hoping we can skip the tomfoolery next time though I doubt it.

Ultimate Reflections:
Very little was revealed. I guess I’m not getting a History of Trunks-style exposition. Bulma’s death was handled all stupid. Didn’t care that Mai died. Any time away from the future was a waste of time. Any relevant information in those scenes wasn’t integrated very well. I don’t feel like any of it HAD to be here. It should’ve been twenty minutes of the future, but I guess the higher-up bozos demanded Goku be here.

See you next week!

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2 thoughts on “Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 47 (Future Trunks Arc #1)

  1. Man am I hyped for this… I just really hope that Vegeta gets to be the one to take Black Goku down. That guy needs a win so bad, and this is the battle to give it to him. It would be the one time he would beat Kakarot.

    • I think Vegeta’s best shot at a big win was Resurrection ‘F’, but he got robbed. There’s a clear bias towards Goku in Super. If we’re lucky, Vegito or Gogeta takes down Goku Black. That’s kind of like Vegeta winning.

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