Things to Come – Dragon Ball Super’s Future Trunks Arc Updates

Makes more sense than Mai showing up…

Sorry, I’m morally obligated to start every Things to Come post about Future Trunks with that.

So last time I gave some very preliminary complaints about Future Trunks’ return which you can see here.

Since then we’ve gotten a new poster, a teaser, and the preview for episode 47 airing this Sunday. Let’s start with the poster.


I’m disappointed they actually changed Future Trunks’ hair to blue. I don’t care what it was in the manga. In the anime, it was purple and since Super’s a sequel, it should be purple. This is a nitpick as his hair color has no bearing on the story. I just want consistency. Unless there’s an in-story reason for this change, it’s really stupid. If they don’t change kid Trunks’ hair too, what’s the point? Have fun with your mismatched Future Trunks toys. However unlikely it was, this might cheat him out of Super Saiyan Blue. His hairstyle does change as a Super Saiyan, but going from blue to blue is silly when blue is your base hair color.

I have no idea why Mai is there. Someone at Toei must be really into this pairing. This contrived relationship’s


otherwise makes no sense. Considering Future Trunks’ time and what we usually watch are alternate timelines, Future Trunks meeting Mai is so unlikely. The Androids were wrecking the earth since Trunks was a baby. Piccolo probably died shortly after so no Dragon Balls for Pilaf to wish him, Shu, and Mai young again. She’s pretty young here, but was technically 41 when Trunks was 12. Trunks was around 20 after Cell Games which means she’d be almost 50 years old at the time. Assuming some time’s passed since Trunks defeated Future Cell, she’s even older than that! She’s cheating the aging process more than Bulma.

For this to line up, it’d be the biggest coincidence since Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III where April O’Neil meets both Casey Jones’ and Splinter’s ancestors at the same time in the same dungeon in ancient Japan. No doubt they’ll just make up some stupid flashback of Future Trunks and Mai being childhood friends or they know each other because DESTINY. The two timelines can deviate but whatever happens will make less sense than more sense.

Not much to go on the evil-looking Goku with the Potara-looking earring. Could be a fusion. Might not be a Potara at all.

Regarding the episode preview for episode 47, I like the serious tone they’re trying to set. I actually feel like there might be something at stake for once in Super. I don’t like the small cut to what looks like Goku and Piccolo hijinks. I don’t care if it’s in the actual episode, but with what Trunks is narrating and the preview ending with him in tears, it’s really inappropriate. They really have to shove Goku and/or Vegeta into every iota of Super, don’t they?

The teaser used some of the preview footage with the same serious tone. I love how they STILL have to put in shots of Goku and Piccolo except this time they’re used as though they’re serious moments. The part with Trunks crying apparently involves a conversation with Mai. Curious what could make him do that short of Bulma dying. He does have the container Bulma was examining. Interesting to see Vegeta in his Saiyan armor again and Goku’s been wearing his classic gi since the tournament. They appear to be on Beerus’ planet which… ugh.

And this guy’s holding somebody…

Not much more excited than before. The story elements are still as vague and adding Mai doesn’t help. I expected an all-new character/ally for Trunks to talk to, but they give me Future Mai. I will say that if they competently put together a History of Trunks-esque prologue to explain the new threat and HFIL he’s going through, this could be good until Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and Champa ruin everything. Both the episode preview and trailer feature the future so prominently, it has to be more than simply five minutes of exposition. If we’re lucky, we might be spending one or two episodes in the future first.

I’ll attempt something I’ve never done before and review every episode of this arc. Expectations are still somewhat low as they haven’t earned my trust. That AWFUL three-parter we just had didn’t do them any favors. Maybe I’ll reject my tsundere tendencies after a few episodes. See you some time next week for episode 47.

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