Things to Come – Dragon Ball Super’s Future Trunks Arc

If I weren’t so lazy, my Things to Come segments would be about more than Toei’s disappointments.



Future Trunks is one of my favorite things in the Dragon Ball franchise. Why “things” and not characters? Because he doesn’t really have one. He has a great design, some badass moments, and unlike our main Saiyans is one of the few non-idiots. But as a character he doesn’t learn anything. He doesn’t develop. And he had little overall impact on the story short of his warning. Still, he made quite an impact with his first appearance and History of Trunks is my favorite piece of animated Dragon Ball media.

So when I saw this…
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I of course was cynical and somewhat dismissive of the news.

“But you just said how much you liked Trunks. How are you not excited about him coming back?”

I question the motivations. I wouldn’t be surprised if shoving Future Trunks into the show is a way to boost ratings. The news certainly has people excited and speculating. For me, bringing someone like him back who saw HFIL on earth but finally brought peace to his home is gratuitous. He got a happy ending. They could’ve left well enough alone, but no.

If you look up a PSP game for DBZ called Shin Budokai: Another Road, its story involves Fat Buu being released in Future Trunks’ time causing him to return to the past and ask Goku and friends for help. What a great idea. The execution was awful because they threw in movie villains and a bunch of nonsense, but as a story idea this was excellent. It makes sense and so does why Trunks went back. Add in a bunch of plot twists like we got during Androids/Cell and you’d have the groundwork for a good DBZ story.

I’ve had an idea that could’ve been incorporated. In Trunks’ time, Supreme Kai brings Trunks to his planet for reasons and has him release the Z Sword. Perhaps Super Saiyan 1.75 Trunks can do it. Makes more sense for Trunks since he’s an actual swordsman. Even if he had a sword as a kid, Gohan just swung the Z Sword around until the weight wasn’t a problem. Granted, using the sword as a weapon wasn’t the point, but still. A “Mystic” Trunks allowing him to follow in both Gohan’s footsteps would’ve been a cool concept.

Could this Trunks arc in Dragon Ball Super be good? Well, anything could be good. Do I trust them to make it so? Absolutely not. I may have skipped some episodes, but there’s nothing outstanding or fascinating about it even after the Resurrection ‘F’ retelling. Bad story, characters, art, animation, music, and execution especially with the retellings. If it didn’t have “Dragon Ball” attached to the name, nobody would care.

I assume there’s a new threat in Trunks’ time and that’s what Another Road was too, right? So what’s the problem? There isn’t really a problem. It’s more a matter of IF Future Trunks had to be incorporated. Fat Buu’s revival was something I could see happening in Future Trunks’ time. Trunks certainly couldn’t handle Dabura, let alone Buu. Anything in Super is most likely contrived and just a way to force Future Trunks in. It’s Dragon Ball. If you want to make a new enemy, you make a new enemy. In this case, it’s that plus fanservice.

I’d be VERY surprised if Trunks has Super Saiyan God/Blue. And if he doesn’t, that’s a negative right there. He needs to be able to participate in an important fight even if he isn’t the one to end the arc. And not part of an army fight like Resurrection ‘F’ either. If he can’t compete with Goku and Vegeta, what’s the point? One of those two (most likely Goku) will save the day again while the rest are cheerleaders. You can argue Trunks was a cheerleader by the end of Cell Games, but he was plenty strong and he did what he came to do. He saved the future. On the flip side, if he is randomly able to keep up with Goku and Vegeta, there’d better be a REALLY good explanation for it. Unless he got hit by HFIL on earth vol. 2, it’s been peaceful so he wouldn’t need to train that much.

If this were a side story starring Future Trunks where I follow him on an adventure, I’d be all for it. But it’s not. Goku and Vegeta are bad enough, but even worse is that Beerus AND Champa are in it. Ugh…

So, what can I look forward to if they somehow pull this off well? The character interactions could be fun. Even if he’s here for the same reason as his first time, seeing Trunks interact with his kid self might be interesting. Hopefully we get some nice moments between him and Vegeta/Bulma. Seeing him chat with an older Gohan would be nice too. I always wondered how Trunks would’ve reacted to seeing Great Saiyaman. Perhaps a discussion on Frieza coming back? In a better show, these would be a no-brainer, but this is not a better show…

I’m definitely curious about his sword. He broke it on 18’s arm and hasn’t used it since. It’s iconic to the character but it’s clear he didn’t need it or bother fixing it once he returned to his time. Like really, how effective is a sword in Dragon Ball Z? It was cool when he used it effectively, but objectively it’s pretty irrelevant.

This “Goku Black” I’m really worried about. Teasing some evil version of Goku sounds like another cash-in idea. An evil Goku? People would want to see that! No doubt the same thought process behind Turles, but that’s the problem. They did it already or at least some form of it.

Let’s talk a little about the designs.

Where have I seen most of that sweater before…

Oh, yeah. Eww…

Wait, both have a red scarf thing too? NOOOOO! WHY?

While I would’ve preferred Trunks’ design not change at all, this is semi-close. At least he’s not in the Saiyan armor. Didn’t like that look. His iconic jacket now has buttons and closes up which I’ve never seen it do. The coloring I won’t talk about as I’m hoping the anime team will color closer to the original. The red scarf is something Bulma started sporting in Resurrection ‘F’ so it would be cute if she gave it to Trunks or something. Otherwise, give me the old jacket, old hairstyle, old everything when it comes to this guy.

I don’t want them to bring him back just to bring him back. I want them to show me that they have more noble intentions. That there’s a point story-wise for his return or a writer simply had a good story he/she really wanted to tell. I’m skeptical because of their track record and this all comes a want for Super to be better. My ultimate reflection is that this is a cash grab. Unfortunately, we’re sitting through a string of fillery episodes until this airs. Five weeks… I want this to be good. All signs point the opposite way, but let’s


it’s passable.

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