Review: Mega Bloks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series 1 Blind Bags with Codes

Going to start the new year with several bulding toy posts. First up, the newest product: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series 1 blind bags.

I was looking forward to what Mega Bloks was going to do with the Turtles license after Lego lost it. I respect Mega Bloks for their willingness to make unique parts for a license even if it has little/no chance of reuse. The only thing I can knock them for every time is the poor quality and their treatment of Pink Rangers. Otherwise, with better quality, they’d be a bigger contender.

Bag front/back
1 2

Sheet front/back
3 4

I didn’t pick up the whole set because I didn’t care for it all. I generally don’t army build, but the Krang robot and Foot Soldier are mandatory for those that do. I could get behind angry Raphael and Leonardo’s pretty normal. The pizza Michelangelo is fun. As for Donatello, I understood that reference. I just didn’t like the heart print on his chest. There’s also no April figure that I’m aware of to go with this, so get on that Mega Bloks. Better not be more Pink Ranger syndrome.

Leonardo looks almost standard. A little too happy for combat dioramas, but it’s fine. He comes with a Star Wars comic book which is an arced book piece and the inside nicely printed. He also has two swords, but you can only store one. I’m not sure why he’s the only one with eyes printed on the head. Looks a little awkward through the headband.

5 6 7 8

Raphael is “funly” designed between the flame eyes and the anime anger symbol printed on his head. He comes with an orange spray paint can because Michelangelo signed Raphael’s shell.

9 10 11 12 13 14

Michelangelo is also a fun design with the cheese and pepperoni all over his chest and the pizza obsession face. The pizza slice is lacking pepperoni and instead has indistinguishable toppings. Compare that to the bag picture where there’s clearly an anchovy. Oops? Also, it’s impossible to do the pose on the bag. Disappointed that he only has one nunchuck, though I guess you can’t store two of these on Michelangelo. That said, lack of storage didn’t stop them from giving Leonardo two swords…

15 16 17

I got the Krang robot by accident thinking it was Shredder… Oops. I didn’t think the Krang itself would be squishy which I think is “cute”. While there are no paint apps beyond it being glittery for some reason, the molding’s all there so looking closely, you can tell it’s a Krang. The robot lacks the motion of the Turtles, but the head is on a ball joint. You can move the arms and legs up and down and that’s it. I don’t know why the Krang has a hole through the body. Short of skewering him with Raphael’s sai, I must be missing something.

18 19 20 21 22

Didn’t actually pick up a Foot Soldier, but the secret figure is just a buffed up one, so by default I have a Foot Soldier. It comes with one sword. While it doesn’t have elbow joints, it has elbow swivel. Otherwise, head’s on a ball joint and it’s got knee joints. The Foot Soldier body has the same problem I have with the new Power Rangers bodies. Unless I’m missing something, connecting the legs to the torso is waaaaay too difficult for a kid. It requires a lot of force to get it in. Don’t even bother trying to take it apart for battle-damaged fun.

23 24 25

As for the secret, these are the new parts. Ninja chainsaw blade! I picked this up solely because it’s the secret figure. If this were a regular figure, I wouldn’t really care. Though I’d rather this be a secret than something unique and mandatory for collections as Mega Bloks has done before.

26 27 28

This is semi-new, but the secret has an exclusive instruction sheet. I don’t recall this ever being done, but the secret is shown in the lineup. I know in Spongebob series 3, they have instructions for the secret, but it’s still a silhouette in the lineup.

29 30

I like Mega Bloks’ style of mini action figures. They started doing their own thing instead of continuing with Lego “homages” like with Power Rangers Samurai. While I never minded Lego “homages” for figure consistency, Mega Bloks decided to evolve which I have no problem with.

It’s about time they caught on to the 2×4 display bricks being awkward to place these figures on. Their 1×3 leg span places them too far to the left/right. What’s that? Krang robot’s legs are in a 1×2 position? It gets a 2×4! I appreciate Mega Bloks changing these up to something more practical for their new direction. The 2x4s were fine for their Power Rangers Samurai figures, but not this new style.


The head, arms, and legs are on ball joints for lots of poseability, something that Mega Bloks seems to have made a priority. The legs have knee joints, but surprisingly no elbow joints even though the Halo and old Marvel figures did. I suppose they just left them off the kids figures like TMNT and Power Rangers. The arms can open wide and the ball joint lets them swing 360 degrees. There are also wrist swivels.

Curse my lack of elbow joints!!!

The neck ball joint on the turtles is made of a softer, perhaps rubbery plastic. This makes popping the head on difficult. To check if the head’s secure, you have to rotate it to check. I can already see stress marks and one of my Turtles’ necks is basically snapping off, so no turning this head. Going to need to replace him… I don’t think the leg joint is this soft, so why the neck? Maybe I put them on wrong? Avoid rotating the head to take it off.

I like the idea of being able to swap the headbands for different expressions. This was a great idea Mega Bloks had with their Spongebob figures, so it’s nice to see it carry over. However, my Raphael headband was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to put on with Michelangelo’s being slightly less bad. Leonardo’s goes on and off smoothly, but I don’t think I’m ever taking Raphael’s off. Don’t even know if I can…

I like the wide variety of accessories that come with the Turtles, but to get their weapons too? Good for you, Mega Bloks. You know what else I like? Weapon storage, something the Lego Turtles lacked though perhaps for reasons I don’t understand. Each Turtle here comes with a rubber piece they wear with holes to place their weapons. The only flaw is with Leonardo’s because they reused Donatello’s and there’s only one hole for one sword unless you force the other in. Otherwise, I’m really happy to have them. Show accuracy and somewhere to stick your weapons for less “losage”.

As for paint apps, I really wish they painted the elbow guards, behind the knee guards, and foot wrappings. The details are molded on, but I’m really missing those colors.

Now for what you came here for, the codes which you can find embossed on the bottom left side of the back. These are easier to read than the last series of Spongebob, but I’ll add a feeling guide for insurance. The shells are obvious giveaways that you’ll at least get a Turtle.

Sometimes Mega Bloks changes the codes for whatever reason, so these codes may not correspond with your bags. That said, feel free to correct me if I got any of these wrong. Or tell me your codes to help more people out.

(Only the first two numbers matter)
A15095MM Donatello (Common) – The long/thin bo staff or 2×2 tile
A16095MM Leonardo (Rare) – The arced book piece, otherwise shell with sword
A17095MM Raphael (Common) – The sais or the cylinder
A18095MM Michelangelo (Rare) – The triangular pizza piece or nunchucks
A19095MM Translucent Red Shredder (Ultra) – Claw piece
A21095MM Krang Robot (Common) – The gun or soft/mushy Krang
A22095MM Regular Foot Soldier (Common) – Sword and no shell
A23095MM Multi-Armed Foot Soldier (Secret) – No shell and several weapons

Ultimate Reflections:
Overall, it’s a fun set for kids. It’s not a huge winner for me because the quality issues with the neck joints/headbands along with some mispainting really irritated me. Short of female Rangers, I rarely expect to get the “standard” version of main characters in Mega Bloks bags. However, unlike “metallic” and “translucent” variants in Power Rangers as filler, three of the Turtles at least have fun and unique printing. To be fair, you can’t “variant” the Ranger helmets, so what else can you do? Pick these up if you like the expressions/printing.

I’ll add Shredder and maybe Donatello if I can find them. Until then, more building stuff coming up.


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