Things to Come – Digimon Adventure tri. the second teaser

Welcome to another Things to Come post where I look at recent news about something yet to be released. I’m covering Digimon Adventure tri. once again.


First, how’s that for a movie poster? Definitely has an epic feel to it. Kind of wish the bottom wasn’t so empty, but whatever. Omnimon front and center along with our supposed antagonist. I question if they’ll actually have this fight in the first movie because I feel they need to ease us back in with what everyone’s up to first. The one oddity is Matt sitting on Alphamon’s weapon. It’s such a strange decision unless it’s hinting at something. I can easily see Tai and Matt butting heads again, but Matt’s still facing Alphamon, so I don’t know. To be honest, I think this poster does more for me than the teasers. At least there are humans and Digimon in the shot.

Next is some good news. While these will be movie length, Japan will have a short theatrical run with a physical release shortly after. I might be able to see all these before I die after all! This really is the best news so far. That I might get to see these sooner than expected can only be a good thing… unless they’re all awful.

In not as good news, we have the second teaser. This one’s better than the last, but that’s not saying much. Butter-fly has lyrics this time! I prefer the original version, but this sounds okay. Wada Kouji’s probably not in top form so it’s fine all things considered.

We see the humans animated this time and boy, does that help. I still haven’t warmed up to the designs, but seeing them move gave a new perspective that was lacking in the previous teaser. They finally have expressions and emotions! Their faces seem so alien now compared to before. Definitely have a more positive outlook after seeing them animated.

Unfortunately, little in this teaser feels like Digimon. I’m starting to wonder why they’re going out of their way to make sure the Digimon aren’t on screen with the humans. Most of this teaser is just the humans at school or earth locations. Yaaawn… After those boring scenes, we see their well-drawn Digimon jump on screen to fall off screen. Then we’re treated to more Greymon fighting Kuwagamon. The teaser ends abruptly with Greymon taking a hit and falling on his butt… Gotta end on a high note!

Now, to be fair there are two shots of new characters which beyond seeing the humans animated are the only new things I got out of the teaser. What happened to the Omnimon and Alphamon fight? Seriously, between that and the Greymon and Kuwagamon fight from the last teaser, which one did you care about? What’s on the new poster?

I know I’m overanalyzing and nitpicking mere teasers, but I guess I have certain expectations that aren’t met. Am I guaranteed any of the things I feel they’re missing? No, but there’s so little substance knowing that this is supposed to be Digimon. Where’s the adventure? The Digital World? The Digimon seem like afterthoughts compared to how the humans are presented. While the humans were the focus of the original show, their relationships with their Digimon is something I remember fondly even if the Digimon themselves lacked character development. Is it so hard to have some shots of them interacting? If I knew what they knew, I feel like I could write a stronger teaser revealing just as little but I suppose that’s not what Toei wants.

Can’t wait to see if the guy who made the Let’s Kick It Up/Digi-Rap edit from my last post will do something with this one. I’m more excited for another edit over official teasers unless they step up their game.

A surprisingly short post from me, but I really wanted to throw this together to catch up after such a long absence. Considering this is old news at this point, I wish I did it earlier. Until the next teaser!


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