Prime Reactions Review- Dragon Ball Super Episodes 1-2

More Prime Reactions! A segment where I look over new movies and for the second time, a television show. This time we’re looking at the first two episodes of the not-so-highly-anticipated anime: Dragon Ball Super.


If you’d like to contrast my thoughts here with how I felt before it aired:

Before we get into the first episode…

“After defeating Majin Buu, life is peaceful once again. Ordered by Chi-chi to earn money, Goku works even as he wants to train even more. Meanwhile, Goten, about to become a brother-in-law to Videl, sets out on a journey with Trunks to find her a present.”

I stole that from somewhere. I’ll start by saying that Dragon Ball Z was never very strong in the character department. Development is rare and almost none of them are compelling people. That said, in the right hands these characters can make for good comedy. We all remember that stupid filler episode where Chi-Chi makes Goku and Piccolo learn to drive. I say stupid but it’s such a ridiculous situation to put these two in that it ends up being fun. Sadly, we didn’t get more of these episodes. If there were more episodes like that, filler wouldn’t hurt as much.

Adding to that, I liked the Great Saiyaman arc. Despite feeling like filler, it was entertaining because of how removed from the world Gohan is. Seeing him adjust to school, keeping his identity a secret, and interacting with others was fun and refreshing. My only problem is that the other characters amount to nothing more than cameos which is a shame because with all the downtime I’d have liked to see what they were up to.

One omission that always bugged me is when Trunks shows Vegeta that he can turn into a Super Saiyan. Vegeta ends up promising Trunks that they’ll go to an amusement park. Where was that? I wanted more of Vegeta interacting with Trunks.

I don’t like slice of life as a genre but that aspect was SORELY lacking in Dragon Ball Z of all things. It has so many episodes that there’s no excuse for such a lack of characters just doing stuff. The 291 episode count pales in comparison to today’s shounen, but I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Cut down on the gratuitous padding for well-thought-out filler.

Why am I bringing up these episodes? Because they’re the first things I thought of when I read the above quote. Goku’s put in another silly situation. Goten, who as a character was just fusion fodder, gets to do something. It’s clearly filler-y but with no expectations otherwise, I welcomed it. My one nitpick was that I think Chi-Chi lived off Ox King’s fortune so Goku getting a job solely for money didn’t make sense. On to the episode!

Episode 1 – The World Peace Prize. Who’s getting the 100 million Zeni?!

We open with Goku going over a field on a tractor. Goten shows up to bring him his lunch. Goku tells Goten to take over for him. After eating, Goku trains for a bit until Goten drives the tractor over a cliff. Goku saves him and it turns out that his training has been wrecking the field. I figured something funny would happen with Goku letting his 7-year old drive a tractor. They address that Ox King ran out of money. Wow… they covered a pre-nitpick.

We cut to Beerus who makes up a stupid justification on why he doesn’t like a planet’s food and decides to blow up half of the planet… Yeah, because half a planet with the core all exposed can function just fine. Without reviewing Battle of Gods, I want to mention that I don’t like this character. He’s not funny. He has neither a strange or memorable design. He doesn’t have any gimmicks or special abilities. He’s not a good antagonist and most of all he’s annoying. I know it’s all subjective but I just really didn’t like him. Knowing Super has Battle of Gods in episode form does not help.

Next, reporters praise Mr. Satan and his efforts. Then Buu comes in wanting food and… it’s not funny.

Next we have a surprisingly nice scene between Gohan and Videl who randomly has a new design while no other character gets one.


They pick up a book titled “difficult book” for Gohan who needs it for research.


Gohan feels bad that Videl’s been buying things for him but he never does or isn’t able to do so for her. She brushes it off saying it’s important that he studies to become a pro at… whatever he’s studying. We see that Piccolo’s stalking them and the scene ends with a “Hmph!” His voice actor got paid for that!

As much as I’d have liked to see Gohan and Videl’s relationship develop more, there’s so much more to be said about these two over the other three relationships ending in marriage that mostly happened offscreen. It’s sad that moments like these are absent in Dragon Ball Z. I can get behind these two getting married because we see them meet and spend time together. More of that, please.

We cut to Goten telling Trunks that he wants to get a wedding present for Videl. They go to stores and end up with a tip about a hot spring that can keep skin nice. They find water and fight a giant snake. They take the water to Videl who uses it and thanks them knowing it’s regular water.

This takes up around six minutes and it was boring. Nothing interesting happens here. It was kind of cute that Goten wants to get them a present with Videl humoring them out of kindness, but I think they could’ve gone crazier with Goten’s search.

Next Mr. Satan meets with Goku saying he got the world peace prize which comes with 100 million Zeni and offers it to Goku after Vegeta turned it down. Why he went to Vegeta first I wouldn’t know. Goku accepts thinking it would let him off the hook job-wise and he can go train. He takes the money back to Chi-Chi who is ecstatic saying that she can send Goten to a good school. Look at that. This whole time fans thought Chi-Chi didn’t care about Goten’s schooling to the point of training him herself despite being so adamant about Gohan’s education. Turns out she couldn’t afford it. Goku asks if he can train at King Kai’s and Chi-Chi lets him. Master Roshi somehow hears about the money and somehow ends up at Goku’s house despite not being able to fly saying you could buy “interesting” DVDs with the money. Chi-Chi kicks him out and he leaves… Wasn’t that funny, kids? I really needed to see that! They couldn’t have filled that time with ANYTHING ELSE. The episode ends with Supreme Kai saying another world is gone.

There’s nothing here worth getting mad over. The episode wasn’t that great beyond the attention to detail, expanding on some minor things, and Gohan and Videl’s scene. When I read the quote above, I really thought they’d go nuts with the concepts presented for maximum comedy but the episode was very “chill”. I would’ve had Goku try and fail through multiple jobs and close with this Mr. Satan ending. Oh well… It’s not the best start to the show as there isn’t any rewatch value.

Episode 2 – To the promised vacation! Vegeta goes on a family trip?!

Based on what I said way back above, I think you can tell that I was totally on board for this one. Vegeta hanging out with his wife and kid? Fun, right? Let’s find out.

Goku goes to King Kai’s planet to train.

Bulma’s flying a ship towards their destination with Trunks inside. Vegeta stands topside and Bulma decides to fly the ship all crazy to mess with him. None of this bothers him though. Next the three go to stores. Bulma says it’s out of character for Vegeta to take a break from training to hang out with them.


They flash back to the episode where Vegeta says he’s going to take Trunks to the amusement park. Wait, it took them this long to do that? I thought it happened immediately after that moment offscreen. Either way, I have to once again give some points to production for picking up on something from the old and expanding on it. I really wanted to see that moment and here it is.

We’re treated to a mix of stills until they eat. Minor attempt at comedy with an octopus spraying ink on Vegeta raising his anger but doing no real damage as Bulma and Trunks leave with him. They go to some stage show where stupid people keep knocking into him. He thinks about Kakarot training while he’s wasting time. The people annoy him until he powers up knocking a bunch of people over and flies off. Trunks and Bulma are pleased with his effort to spend time with them.

Very slice of life here and while that’s not a bad thing, I didn’t exactly have a good time with it. It was nice to see and all but they again didn’t go crazy with their comedy. And there wasn’t anything creative, clever, or memorable.

We cut to more Beerus nonsense. He recalls the term “Super Saiyan God” and he blows up another planet after some padding and an irrelevant fight. The old Supreme Kai feels a disturbance in the Force. As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. By the way, I don’t know why either Kai still has their earrings.

There’s less to talk about this time because there were less characters and less going on in general. Half the episode was the family vacation. The rest was Beerus junk nobody cares about.

I’d keep going with the third episode but I think I’ll stop here. It’s where the “new” content ends and the unnecessary retelling of Battle of Gods starts. If you can’t tell yet, I did not like Battle of Gods. I don’t know if I’ll review it in the future but I thought it was a mess. Unless Toei thought the same thing and wants to try again, this retelling is a waste of time. It’s like they have nothing better to do in the idea department or couldn’t figure something out for the huge episode count. If this string of episodes outclasses Battle of Gods, great? But if there’s nothing of substance added I don’t see the point. At least with Kai, they were shaving it down to be more faithful to the manga. Here… why?

I don’t like the opening song. Dude sounds like he’s bored or doesn’t care… Both of Dragon Ball Kai’s openings were excellent. I feel like the energy from those was missing here and unlike those songs, this one doesn’t get me pumped. I like the visuals with Goku’s family gardening, Trunks sparring with Vegeta, and Gohan studying while Videl brings him tea. The rest includes some action while all the characters are shown. I see guys with Frieza armor and I’m REALLY hoping they don’t also retell Resurrection F. What’s the point? At least Battle of Gods was two years ago. There is no need for a refresh on this year’s movie. Ending song’s better but nothing very interesting in the visuals.

Not sure if I’m going to keep up the reviews for the show. Haven’t attempted weekly reviews before and I’m behind. Though one week off for the series helped. As for the next review, a certain movie is coming to the big screen in English tomorrow so expect another Prime Reactions soon.

6 5
For someone who doesn’t like pink shirts, he sure goes for the pink often…


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