Complaint Department – The Changes to Digimon Adventure tri.

Today, let’s file a complaint to the complaint department on some of the changes made for Digimon Adventure tri.


When this poster was released, it really got the fans talking.

Many HATED these new designs. Unfortunately, I’ll have to side with them. There’s nothing really wrong with the art except that it doesn’t resemble Digimon. Unless you’re already a fan who can make out the hairstyles, how would anybody know this was Digimon from the art? There aren’t even any Digimon on it.

The most prominent complaint came from Sora and Kari’s copy/paste faces. This image has been going around.

I’m not going to fight the image. It’s absolutely correct. The thing is there’s no reason to compare the anime to a poster. A lot of anime is cheaply made. Cutting corners and poorly drawn elements are very common. Digimon is no exception. That said, there is no excuse for the poster to look like that especially when it’s the first thing you release. Unlike anime with tons of frames, you draw the poster once. Couldn’t there have been a little more effort to give Kari and Sora different expressions? Did no one check this? I’m not saying it’s a straight copy/paste, but can you blame people for pointing this out?

The biggest “insult” for me when it comes to these designs is that they’re being implemented in something meant to celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Digimon anime. When you claim something is for an anniversary, especially when it’s a continuation of the series, should it not look the same or at least close? You don’t make such a drastic change when you’re trying to honor something. I feel bad for the original designer because those designs were part of what made Digimon memorable.

People are defending the new look saying it’s mature because that’s how the show will be. You can’t say that with any certainty. If you like the designs, that’s okay but I can’t get over that this is supposed to be an anniversary anime yet they go out of their way to make sure the faces don’t resemble the original. The original designs were unique and had strange elements but they at least had a distinct style that people remember. There’s nothing special here that will go down in Digimon history. In the teaser, the humans looked so bored and deadpan. I hate to use the word “generic” here, but that’s how I’d describe them.

As for the voice actors, I have no ties to the Japanese cast. I got into Digimon through the English dub so there’s no bias for the original actors. I just have to once again bring up that this is an anniversary project. They got the actors for the Digimon back, but not one of the human voice actors got to reprise his/her role. People have brought up that all the actors came back for the Digimon Adventure PSP game and you have Ai Maeda (Mimi) right there on board for a song. Surely some of them would’ve come back. It’s one thing if they couldn’t get all of the voice actors back, but it’s obvious that they wanted to recast all the humans for no reason. You can play the maturity card saying they wanted the boys to sound like men here. Okay, but that’s no reason to recast the girls too. They got the original Sailor Moon to come back for Sailor Moon Crystal. There was obviously an effort made to get all the living DBZ voice actors for Kai, the films, and Super. What happened here? Did the old cast not ace the audition for these designs? That’s possible. The designs strike again.

Let me also point out that all of the anniversary-related merchandise is based on the old show. Obviously, they can’t make tri. merchandise yet, but do you think they’re going to bother doing figures/toys for these human designs? Would you buy them? I sure wouldn’t. I bet those that would are a small minority or deep-pocketed completionists based on how much these cost. They’d sooner finish the 02 cast and move on to Tamers and Frontier over tri. Wouldn’t you be more inclined to buy tri. if they matched the Adventure kids? Missing out on some money here…

Sailor Moon Crystal was meant to celebrate 20 years of the franchise. How much of the new figures are actually based on Crystal? Not much, right? Because they’re targeting fans of the old. Would people buy Crystal figures? I’m sure some would. Would they sell better than the old stuff? Nah…

Speaking of Crystal, I’m okay with the design choice because they’re trying to emulate the manga art. Certainly a noble decision when celebrating the manga’s 20th anniversary. Regardless of whether or not you like those designs, there’s a clear reason for them. For Digimon, where did these designs come from? Are you not catering to old fans? Why the out-of-nowhere change? I don’t see the new Dragon Ball anime projects straying from the designs people know. Think of the riots if they did. All three are from Toei, but Digimon is the only one with no obvious rhyme or reason for all these changes.

To the people defending these designs; fans of the franchise or not, I ask you these. If they didn’t change the designs and kept them more true to the original, would you have a problem with them? You could at least understand why they’d look how they would, right? Would you have gotten mad as some Digimon fans have and demanded for the change to what we have now?

We’ll have to see how the humans look when animated because the teaser only animated the Digimon for some reason. Maybe they’ll look better in the final product. And while I was pretty harsh throughout this post, I’ll acknowledge that there was some effort to honor the original show with getting the singers and the Digimon voice actors. That’s definitely something for the old fans. I just find it strange that the human actors are completely absent and the designs feel like an unnecessary change.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s the site’s one year anniversary so look forward to an all-new direction.

You’re used to this.

But how about There D (Riding) Hood?

Yes, I think all three fans of the site will respond well to this out-of-nowhere and unnecessary change nobody wanted.


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