Review: Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Megaforce 05662 Red Lion Zord

This is the last review I’m doing for Super Megaforce Bloks, at least for now. Not sure if it’s the grandest set to end on but it’s the only one of these Zords that Mega Bloks made. This is the Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Megaforce Red Lion Zord.


This was another set I was looking forward to when it was shown at last year’s Toy Fair. I initially wasn’t too keen on the Megazords, but I thought this guy was awesome. That it came with a Wild Force Red figure just made it better. There’s one more reason I wanted this but that’s coming later. The not very wide release of this set was annoying but thanks to plot, I was able to get one.

Packaging – The smaller Power Rangers and Spongebob sets now come in these Pringles cans. They definitely take up less space than the usual boxes and they’re more reusable. This final build easily fits in for storage.

1 2

3 4

Contents – No extra pieces this time

Wild Force Red Ranger – See, this is another reason the Forever Red team should’ve been finished off in the Ultimate Battle Pack. So close… Anyway, this figure’s pretty accurate. Only problem is that the gold on the legs should be higher. The helmet and belt printing are a little off but not too bad. But what’s with the Super Megaforce sword? Most of the weapon repaints in the Ultimate Battle Pack at least tried to simulate the Ranger weapons, but this? I think another Blade Blaster repaint would’ve worked better. The figure is fantastic and that’s what matters, but they didn’t even try with the accessory.


So, here’s the Red Lion Zord. It’s much smaller than I thought it’d be. It measures 5.75 inches across and a little over 3 inches tall. I’d say the build is mid-accurate. I appreciate that they added in the gray details in the legs. They probably could’ve added more accuracies despite the size but for such a small and simple set, I’ll give them a pass.

The head is reused from the Samurai Lionzord set. It works for a lion but it could really use a nose. The jaw is hinged for open/close action. The legs can rotate and they have ankle “joints”.
8 910

There’s a hole in the top for you to have a figure sit or stand.
11 12

Maybe Power Rangers fans saw this coming after seeing this and the previous review. I liked the Legendary Megazord set and this Red Lion Zord is passable, but… CAN THEY COMBINE?

The answer is… pretty much. In the show, these two combine to form the Legendary Wild Force Megazord and while I didn’t expect Mega Bloks to make it happen, I wanted to make it happen. Doing this was surprisingly easier than I thought because of how the Legendary Megazord is built.

First, take off the Legendary Megazord’s legs and their connecting piece. The remainder can fit into the Lion’s back.

It’s not very steady so I stuck a standard brick where the leg connector was. This will center the Megazord better. Keep in mind that it’s very top-heavy and not secured for play, just display. Not sure how to go about locking it in, but it’s a quick fix for now.

If only the Red Lion Zord wasn’t comically out of scale. Imagine if it was scaled properly and both were meant to combine. How cool would it have been if Mega Bloks did that?

Ultimate Reflections:
The set retails for $9.99 and has 94 pieces. That’s not a bad value at all, especially with the Wild Force Red figure. I’d have liked a bigger build and more detailing but it’s fine for the Pringles can it came in. I’d recommend it, especially if you also got the Legendary Megazord. It would’ve been nice if they made other Zords the Legendary Megazord combined with since those would’ve also been an easy way to include past Red Rangers, but too late for that.

That does it for this set of reviews. I think I covered the different aspects that Mega Bloks brought to Super Megaforce. See you for Dino Charge, Mega Bloks. Keep those legendary Rangers coming.


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