Review: Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Megaforce 05663 Legendary Megazord

Last time we looked at the “Zord”. Now we look at the Megazord. This is the Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Megaforce Legendary Megazord.


When I first saw these Megazord sets, I noticed there were no figures. Previously, any Zord or Megazord set would come with at least one. That’s either cost-cutting or Mega Bloks believing in their Megazords to the point where they didn’t need to add a figure. Let’s hope it’s the latter. Then again, unless the figure was going to be a Pink or Yellow, I suppose I could do without another Red. You can bet that’s who would’ve been here… A Silver Ranger in the Q-Rex set would’ve been a good way to remedy his awful helmet though. Anyway, these have a smaller box/piece count than any of the Megazord sets from Samurai or Megaforce. That means a smaller build. Even from the box art, you can tell this Megazord’s much less bulky than his predecessors.

Front and back of the box
1 2

Front and back of the instructions – The back of the instructions has this guy measuring at 6 inches/15 centimeters. However, the back of the box says 7 inches/17.7 centimeters. Stay tuned to find out which is correct.
3 4


Extra pieces

I like this guy a lot. It’s very simple and could use some more details but at the same time has enough details for me. It did look like they tried to make an accurate model without the use of stickers and I think they pulled it off. Everything you see is printed and I really appreciate that.

7 812

Back to the height issue, the winner is… the box! I measured the Megazord’s height and it’s around 7 inches. Not sure how they could make a mistake like that as it can’t be a simple typo.

You can turn the head all the way around. There’s arm, elbow, wrist, leg, and ankle ball joints for quite a bit of posing action. The ball joints are made with plastic which might be hard for a 5-year old to snap in but unlike Kre-O’s rubber joints, these will hold up better over time.

For more accuracy, I took off the bottom black pieces from the shoulder as you can see in that action pose above. The shoulders in the show were more flat than angled. The shoulder fronts are hinged so you can lift the arms higher but I wish the shoulders could move with the arms.

The swords are beyond irritating. You see the red thing? They’re made of hollow rubber Twizzler and you have to force the gold parts into the holes which are way too small. You can get them in but be prepared for them to pop out all the time and having to keep pushing them back in.

Despite the all-around smaller build, the Legendary Megazord still scales fine with the Ranger figures.

Ultimate Reflections:
The set comes with 178 pieces retailing at $14.99 which is a decent value. The whole thing is solidly put together without any loose or wiggly pieces. My big issue was with the sword guards. Overall, I would recommend this. But for something like this where there’s no exclusive figure(s) to bribe you, it really comes down to whether or not you like the aesthetics of these Megazord builds. Not sure if they’re still around but I know I’d like to try the other two Megazords or at least the Q-Rex.

For once, you get a short review from me. One more review to go and while it may end up related to this, it’s not another Megazord. Definitely looking forward to opening the next one to see if I can pull something off.


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