Review: Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Megaforce 05646 Sky Ship Showdown

After three almost entirely figure-based reviews, it’s nice to get back to building something. This is Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Megaforce Sky Ship Showdown.

I was really looking forward to this set when it was shown at last year’s Toy Fair. It’s really cool that they made a Skyship build and I couldn’t wait to put it together. Mega Bloks hasn’t done playsets or scenes for Power Rangers since Samurai so it’s nice to have somewhere for the Rangers to hang out.

Front and back of the box – I know they have to show the “working launcher” while also showing the Skyship properly, but you just wasted ammunition. Bad guy’s behind you, Troy…
1 2

Instructions front and back
3 4


Extra pieces – I don’t know if this was intentional but there’s a second copy of Damaras’ sword. The first is in his bag. I mainly wanted to bring attention to the fact that it got its own bag.

First, let’s get the figures out of the way.

Super Megaforce Red – At last… a not metallic, not translucent version of this character, but what’s this?

Messed up chest printing… Of course. I was not happy seeing this right after opening the box. This is the most standard and accurate version and mine had to have an error… That aside, if you compare this one to my metallic and translucent versions, you’ll notice that this is a brighter red and that the leg details are exactly as they should be. This is the definitive, must-have version of the character.
7 9

Here’s the problem. This is the only Super Megaforce figure so far that has this proper leg detailing. This makes me question why the others weren’t done this way in the first place. It happened with Megaforce too. This is especially an issue with Yellows and Pinks who get little or no repeats. They should really just get it right the first time. I really appreciate the accuracy of this guy, but it’s really lame when teams don’t end up matching even if you make the necessary purchases to get the “right” versions.

Damaras – Is… that a villain? A main villain? Finally! The villain department was sorely lacking after Samurai. Megaforce gave us Vrak three times and this is the only main villain we’re getting in Super Megaforce. He looks pretty good sporting lots of printing and a new shoulder pad mold. Unlike the X-Borgs and Bruisers, the helmetless head kind of works. I think if Mega Bloks would’ve been able to incorporate a cape, he would’ve been perfect. I sort of wish Mega Bloks would’ve picked Vekar instead because he was one of the few good things out of Super Megaforce and to have him in Bloks form would’ve been awesome.


Onto the Skyship build. This thing is as awesome as I thought it’d be. It measures around 8.5 inches wide and 7.5 inches tall. The actual “boat” could be taller, but it’s pretty accurate otherwise. In many ways, it’s more accurate than the actual toy and that’s a personal plus. Similar to the pterodactyl wings in my Kre-O Cell Block Breakout review, it was scary to thread the poles through the sail. The bigger sail was scarier because you actually have to crease it. It’s forever bent though not terribly noticeable.

11 12 13 14 15 17

Kind of looks like an X-Wing here.

The steering wheel can spin and as mentioned on the box, it shoots this pudgy projectile by pushing a switch down.

So while I think the Skyship’s a fantastic display piece, it unfortunately doesn’t have much room for the Rangers. I was happy that this was the first place for the Rangers to hang out since Samurai’s HQ Battle set and I still am. While this set is already very generous, I do wish it was a little bigger so you can space the Rangers out more. I can fit all six on there, but the two sails and the helm take up quite a bit of room so posing and positioning is limited.

19 20 21 22

Wait, what’s this? A missing piece? That’s right. You see that this shot isn’t symmetrical. The right side is missing a gold cheese slope. You gave me all those extra pieces I showed earlier, but not what I needed? It’s not a crucial piece, but it’s saddening.

And what’s this? It looks like some of this piece melted off. Never really had a problem with Mega Bloks beyond bad printing/paint until now. Sigh…
24 25

If the Skyship build wasn’t enough, they even gave Damaras a ship. I don’t believe he ever had one so I can’t speak for the accuracy. I will say that the colors are what I’d expect his ship to be? It measures around 4.6 inches wide and 2 inches tall. Unlike Lego figures, these guys don’t have butt holes for you to lock in a sitting position. The ship’s “cockpit” is surrounded from all sides but there’s nothing holding him in so be careful with those barrel rolls.

26 27 28 29 30 31

As you can see from the bottom, it’s all held together with one long plank. It’s sturdy if your kids don’t crash it around but if you bend the two sides you can tell they probably shouldn’t have used one plank as the base.

Ultimate Reflections:
So defects and missing piece aside, how do I feel about the set? Well, you get 306 pieces and the set retails at $19.99. That’s a fantastic value. Honestly, the Skyship alone would’ve been worth the $20 but they decided to throw in Damaras and a ship for him too. When I look at the Lego Super Heroes sets I have at $20, I’m much happier with these builds over whatever came with the Lego figures especially when those Lego sets don’t even come close to 306 pieces. I bought this set for the build and as I’ve said in previous reviews, the build should be a huge part of why you buy a set. If you’re buying a set just for the figures, I understand. We’ve all done that. But isn’t it nice when you actually want the build too? My one true complaint is that maybe Damaras’ ship could’ve been left out so that piece count could go into the Skyship. I would’ve loved more room for the Rangers. If you end up with a problem-free box, I definitely recommend this set. Good value, accurate Super Megaforce Red, exclusive villain, and the Skyship build is great.

After three reviews ranging from either disappointing to just okay, this set put us back on track to awesome. There’s two more of these so let’s hope they keep this up.


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