Review: Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Megaforce 89600 Ultimate Battle Pack

This set came as a surprise since it wasn’t shown at last year’s Toy Fair. After seeing it, I was very excited to get it. Let’s see if it lives up to my expectations. This is the Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Megaforce Ultimate Battle Pack.

With this set, it looked like Mega Bloks was really digging into the past Rangers for the 20th anniversary. Granted, they’re all Red Rangers but I’ll take them over gratuitous repeats. It also helped that three of my favorite Red Rangers were included.

Front and back of the box
1 2

Trying to open this box without destroying it was a nightmare. I opened it from the right flap but the plastic container with the figures is tabbed into the bottom flap of the box. Who opens these boxes from the bottom? I had to cut up the container to get it out. Why did it need to be this secure? I can just pluck the figures out at the store if the flap was open because there’s no cover over them. What’s the point?

Front and back of the instructions
3 4

Contents – Numbered bags is something I’ve never seen in Mega Bloks before. Too bad they’re irrelevant to the instructions. Guess they aren’t used to the numbering either because they forgot to do the third bag. And yeah, that gray plate comes loose in the box like that.


Like last time I’m just going to take pictures of the figures from the front unless I feel the need for more. There’s no back printing so I’m going to keep it simple. I have to bring up that most, if not all the weapons for the Rangers are repainted old molds. Besides that, I can’t tell who gets what weapon except for Super Megaforce and Ninja Storm Red. They didn’t bother packaging them next to the proper Ranger either, so I have to follow their pictures. Let’s see if the repaints are good enough to fool me.

Obligatory Super Megaforce Red – This is the one guy who definitely didn’t need to be here. It’s a metallic variant nobody wanted with the silver details replaced with gold. I finally have this sword painted but that doesn’t make up for the wasted slot. To be fair, I assume he’s here out of obligation, but still.


Turbo Red – See my chest. See my chest. Made from printing that is messed. Offset doodle on my noodle, what a jest… I hope my written song parody doesn’t fall on blind eyes because I’m really disappointed in the quality. The helmet print isn’t centered and the chest printing is awful. As far as accuracy goes, it’s not too bad. The white on the legs should reach higher but the design is solid. The weapon is a repaint of Megaforce Blue’s gun. I don’t know which Turbo weapon this is supposed to be but the shark head doesn’t help…

7 8

Space Red – The chest and head printing are messy and not centered, at least in person. Accuracy’s good. I appreciate the white on the shoulders but he really needed glove and boot printing. It’s strange why some Rangers here get limb printing when others don’t. Mega Bloks should’ve noticed that these Rangers need such printing to some degree. The weapon is a Blade Blaster repaint from the Mighty Morphin set. I’m assuming the weapon is supposedly the Spiral Saber. This isn’t even close despite the correct colors.


Lightspeed Rescue Red – This one actually looks great from the front with no notable problems. Then we look at the back… and that’s pretty awful. That’s not light reflecting off his left shoulder either. It’s white paint. I’m fortunate that he looks fine from the front but “yikes” on the back. Like Space Red, this really needed glove and boot printing. As for the weapon, of course Carter gets a gun, right? This could be borrowed from another license but it does simulate the Lightspeed Rescue gun well.

10 11

Time Force Red – The quality’s passable. There’s a giant physical scratch/dent on his chest. The scratch is really bad but it’s only noticeable in light. There are also some dots on his helmet and chest. The design is probably the most accurate. The only issues are that he needs red hands and his leg printing needs to be higher. He gets Megaforce Red’s sword in translucent plastic with black and red details. This simulates a Chrono Saber well. If they could’ve shaved off the guard, this could’ve fooled me.

12 13

Ninja Storm Red – This guy’s pretty much flawless. Look at how much detail he gets. Gray arms, two colors of printing on his limbs, and an appropriate weapon even if it’s borrowed from Halo. He’s very accurate. Only problems being that the leg printing should be higher and he needs red feet. I would’ve loved if there was a way to peg the sword into his back as there is a hole there. Personally, I think this is a waste of a slot but I’ll go more into that later.

14 15

Bruisers x4 – These are exclusive and pretty accurate except for the head which like the X-Borgs would benefit from a helmet. You get four of them. Is that enough? Couldn’t they put Vekar in here or more main villains? Sadly, the quality on these guys are fantastic. Were these easier to make? Why are the Rangers so bad in comparison? The weapons they come with blow my mind. I don’t know if they’re new molds but you get two guns. Bruisers don’t actually use guns. They have big arms so I’m just going to use them to simulate that. You also get two staffs used by the royal guards (who aren’t here) which are too accurate to not be new. Overall, it seemed more effort went into the Bruisers than the Rangers…

16 17 18 19

So let’s get my biggest issue out of the way when it comes to the figures. This could’ve finished the Forever Red team. I was so excited because I thought that’s what they were going for. We got Mighty Morphin. Lost Galaxy exists, but hasn’t been released. Wild Force is out there. That leaves Zeo, Alien, and Quantum. The inclusion of Ninja Storm Red is just weird. Mega Bloks tackled Ninja Storm when it was airing so while those toys are out of print, he exists. He’s also the only Ranger from a Disney season which makes no sense. If you wanted a ninja, Alien Red would’ve been perfect. I haven’t seen Ninja Storm nor do I know how it was received, but I doubt he’s here out of popularity. They should’ve scrapped the Super Megaforce and Ninja Storm Reds along with a Bruiser to complete Forever Red. We already know the last three aren’t in the remaining Super Megaforce products. I have to hope they’re in Dino Charge products. If Forever Red isn’t finished in Bloks form, that’ll be a huge missed opportunity.

This is the build for the set. I’m pretending it’s the location of the unmorphed fight in Forever Red. I don’t know if I should give Mega Bloks that much credit, but feel free to correct me or say it’s actually nothing. At face value, this seemed added in just so there’s something to build.


The silo on the left is hinged and there’s two hinges on the right end. I like the stack of marble bricks but I question the need for them when everything else is clearly metal.

21 22

The saving grace of the build is that it (unintentionally) comes with a Silver Ranger key.

Ultimate Reflections: I was really looking forward to this set. With ten figures (four of which are repeats with one variant) I thought it’d be around $30. The retail price for this set is $40… Like most people, I couldn’t believe it. For the most part, the quality of the Rangers is abysmal even for Mega Bloks standards. I challenge you to find an overall good set. The Bruiser weapons are new molds while the Rangers get repaints of old molds, some of which aren’t even close to what they’re simulating. The build certainly doesn’t add value. There’s no amount of straws you can grasp to justify it. I definitely wouldn’t have gotten this if it didn’t include three of my favorite Red Rangers. Do I recommend it? It’s really difficult to because this is without a doubt something you’d buy just for the figures. It comes down to how cheap you can get this for and how many of your favorites are in here. Objectively, this is not a good set and I hate saying something like that. I can only hope that by releasing this, Mega Bloks had always planned to make Quantum, Zeo Red, and Alien Red.

This was disappointing but hopefully the next box won’t be. I actually bought it for the build so let’s hope the next review goes better.


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