Review: Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Megaforce 05699 Collectible Figure Pack

The Power Rangers Super Mega Bloks… Force reviews continue with their Collectible Figure Pack.

This was an interesting release because you get the whole team even if some are variants. Last time I reviewed the series 1 micro figures bags and you’ll see that this can be a very essential purchase. I’ll try to keep this one short since I went into quite a bit of detail about the Mega Bloks Ranger figures in my last review. Perhaps I went into too much detail but I felt there was a lot to cover.

Packaging and insert
1 2 3
4 5

Here we have a mix of translucent and “metallic” variants. I put metallic in quotations because whenever Mega Bloks makes metallic figures, they’re never what I perceive a metallic figure would be. I usually think chrome or shiny. With metallic Bloks figures they generally darken the color of the Ranger and the plastic has glitter all over. You may not see the glitter in these pictures but the colors are clearly different shades.

Might be hard to tell but the one on the right comes in this set and is a lighter blue.

To me, metallic is something like this and I would’ve loved to have the Rangers done this way.

Metallics as they are are either disappointing or a blessing in disguise. For most people, the darker colors don’t matter and they’re passable substitutes if you don’t have the regular version. In the back of my head I know I don’t actually have the regular one. Still this is the only Pink you can get so I need it for the team.

Going to be cheap about pictures this time around. My last review has pictures of the figures helmetless and from the back so they should give you a good enough idea about these.

Super Megaforce Red (Metallic) – Not much to say about this one. It’s just a glittery and darker shade of red.

Super Megaforce Pink (Metallic) – Finally! It’s not regular but it’ll do for now.

Super Megaforce Blue (Metallic) – Still not a black person under the helmet…
12 13

Super Megaforce Yellow (Transclucent) – With Super Megaforce translucents, I’m very glad for the translucent swords. They come in handy for final strikes, but if they never make translucent Pink (which seems to be the case) it almost doesn’t matter.

Super Megaforce Green (Translucent) – The series 1 bags have a lame variant so it’s good to see that this time his gold and silver details are where they should be. This will be my stand-in Green for now.

This is the build for the set. I think the Gosei plate is cool to have and this would’ve been an amazing set if there was a buildable Tensou. What you attach the plate to is kind of a display for the Rangers. Not a lot of elbow room as you can see.
14 15 16

Now I’m going to put in a skit that doesn’t need to be in this review.


Gosei: With these and your new Ranger Keys you will be able to unlock your Super Megaforce mode. Except you Emma, because they couldn’t bother with a pink key.

Jake: Um, am I the only one who notices that my key is the wrong color figures are clear?

Gosei: Put the guns down, Emma. Jake, there’s a simple explanation for that.

Jake: …
Emma: $%#@&!

I acknowledge that wasn’t clever-packed. Just spoofing what I’ve covered so far in the reviews and my stand-in Jake figures, both of which happen to be translucent.

Final Thoughts: The initial draw for me was the metallic Red, Pink, and Blue. They’re close enough to their regular versions for me to build the team. The Gosei plate is a welcome addition but I’m not a fan of the $20 price tag. A blind bag figure generally goes for $3 if your stores aren’t being lame. This has five figures so that’s $15 with $5 left over. Again, I like the Gosei plate but the build is not worth $5 to me. Perhaps the plate was hard to print or something but I’d have liked to see it at $15. Keep in mind that this could be the only Pink release as well when considering the set.

Next time I move on to sealed boxes, all of which I’ve been really looking forward to opening.


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