Review: Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Megaforce 05666 Micro Action Figures Series 1

Toy Fair 2015 was last month and I was very sad to see Mega Bloks announce nothing for Power Rangers. I know they confirmed that they’ll be doing Dino Charge but they’re probably holding off due to their new licenses. Despite the absence of Dino Charge Bloks, there’s still Super Megaforce stuff that hasn’t been released so hopefully we’ll see those soon.

That said, I decided to take a look at some Super Megaforce stuff from Mega Bloks. There will be five more of these reviews so I hope you come back to see them all. If you’ve been to my Tumblr or seen my Complaint Department post on Super Megaforce, you’ll have seen these before. This is Power Rangers Super Megaforce Micro Action Figures Series 1 from Mega Bloks.


I was initially drawn to Mega Bloks because of what they did with Power Rangers Samurai. The figures were similar to Lego and what I expected Power Rangers building toys to be. I really have to commend the painted details on the weapons with an “Aw, you didn’t have to do that”. Rarely do they bother to paint accessories on building toys so the effort’s appreciated.


Once Mega Bloks did Megaforce, we got a drastic change in the figures. Gone was the Lego-like appearance as they now looked like small posable figures. This was done so you can have the Rangers in dynamic action poses just like the show. I can’t fault them for wanting more playability, but I was conflicted. On one hand, I miss that the Samurai figures fit in with Lego’s. On the other, Lego’s figures are classic but kind of outdated. They’re clearly not meant for posing and I’m pretty into that. You can’t pose Lego figures much beyond running, falling back, and doing push-ups. I felt what Kre-O did was the proper evolution of Lego. They retain a Lego-like look but thanks to ball joints are able to pose in many ways. I still like the new Bloks figures but that they don’t fit in with the Samurai ones will always bug me. Still, the skinny bodies do make for good Ranger figures and if they’re uniform from now on, that’s great.

Perhaps the worst thing about these figures is that they’re really hard to put together, mainly attaching the legs to the torso. Your hands might hurt trying to jam them together. Kids will probably have a hard time. Taking them off can be even harder. This makes customizing difficult as you’ll wear out the connections if you swap too much.

Each figure in this set comes with parts to make the Super Mega Cannon. As a collector, this was annoying but it’s also a smart move by Mega Bloks. Were it not for these pieces I don’t think I would have picked up the whole set. Who wouldn’t want more from the Ranger arsenal? Especially considering what I’ll bring up later.

Front and back of the packaging

1 2

Collector’s sheet and instructions

3 4 5

Super Megaforce Red (Translucent) – The sword is done in clear red which helps if you’re doing some final strikes with him. I like that they made the display brick in the same color/plastic as its respective figure.

6 7 8 9

Super Megaforce Blue (Battle-Damaged) – At first I thought there were major paint flaws but it turns out this is a variant. I have to bring up that the inside face is clearly not a black person’s. They had a proper face back in Samurai but I guess Mega Bloks just forgot? Maybe they didn’t watch Super Megaforce? Just so you know, they “forgot” for Megaforce Blue as well.

10 1112 13

Super Megaforce Yellow – This looks to be the regular version. Nothing to say about it except this is the Yellow you want to get.

14 15 16 17

Super Megaforce Green  (gold details swapped with silver) –  I didn’t notice until a friend pointed it out to me but he’s not “regular” at all. He pointed out that his coat had silver detailing and then I noticed the gold cuffs. I can’t unsee these. It’s so… not accurate.

18 19 20 21

X-Borg – The army builder of the set. I can’t get over that the top of the head’s supposed to be flat. It’s weird seeing the oval head but I suppose it’s cheaper than doing a new helmet.

22 23 24

Next is what shocked and interested me most when Mega Bloks revealed their Super Megaforce products. Legendary Rangers! Real ones! So, who did they pick from two decades worth of Power Rangers?

Samurai Red – Ugh… Sorry, I know I said earlier I was bugged by the new figures not fitting in with the Samurai ones. That doesn’t mean I wanted Samurai in the new look, at least not this soon. I’m sure he was chosen because Samurai’s recent and kids recognize him but I really wish this slot was given to an older Red to really acknowledge the 20th anniversary.

25 26 27 28 29

RPM Red – A better choice. RPM is Samurai’s predecessor so recent-ness or RPM’s popularity could be why he’s here. I do wish they gave him his Street Saber instead of the Nitro Blaster. I don’t know if the gun mold’s borrowed from another license but it looks pretty close to the actual thing. If they were going to make a new mold anyway, a sword like everyone else would’ve been nice. Also, his cuffs could be higher for accuracy. Like Blue in this set, RPM Red is also not black under the helmet.

30 31 32 33

The secret figure is… Super Megaforce Silver with the helmet printing too high… This isn’t a one-time error. All the Silver helmets look like this. Super mega disappointing because this is our standard Silver Ranger release. I’m also disappointed that he doesn’t come with his trident. He doesn’t use the Super Megaforce sword yet he’s shown to here. While the gold sword’s a Super Mega Cannon part, I expected his signature weapon to be here. It’s sad seeing the messed up helmet and lack of trident. Not sure why he’s the only figure to not have his display brick in his Ranger color too.

34 35 36 37

Here are the codes:
A11113GT Super Megaforce Red (Translucent)
A12113GT Super Megaforce Blue (Battle Damaged)
A13113GT Super Megaforce Green (Gold and Silver detail swap…)
A14113GT Super Megaforce Yellow
A15113GT X-Borg
A16113GT Samurai Red
A18113GT RPM Red
A19113GT Super Megaforce Silver

Unfortunately, since I opened these without thinking I was going to review them, I do not know which figure came with which Super Mega Cannon parts except that Silver has the gold sword.

This is the Super Mega Cannon. I think it’s awesome and accurate enough to the show where I’m glad to have it. It’s a shame that it’s way oversized and the figures can’t hold it with two hands like they should but that’s nitpicking. My one true gripe is that the pink “key” got left out. So lame. I don’t even think there’s a way to modify this to fit one on. Par for the course when it comes to Pink I suppose.

38 39 40 41

This is the shot you really want to put together.

42 43 44
*The part of Super Megaforce Pink will be played by Megaforce Pink because… girls are icky* Umm, Super Mega Blast!

The printing on the figures is very nice and accurate. Unfortunately, the overall quality isn’t consistent as you might see paint flaws and misalignments in my pictures. Let’s not forget the wrong faces on Blue and RPM Red. Also, I never noticed before that the male Ranger faces aren’t all the same.

I wish there was more detailing on the Super Megaforce Rangers. Since they wear coats, the collar or coat ends showing up to some degree would’ve been nice. I also would’ve appreciated a belt on the Super Megaforce Rangers and Samurai Red. RPM has a printed belt and so did the Megaforce Rangers. Why not these guys? If you’re a hardcore fan, you’ll also notice that that pants cuffs are too low because those are actually supposed to be the top of their boots. A bit of a nitpick because without comparison I wouldn’t have noticed.

Along with the disappointments I brought up, I was surprised that none of the Super Megaforce Rangers came with guns.

Let me borrow your sword!

Okay… but what am I supposed to use now?

Use your gu- Oh…

Both the swords and guns are very prominent in Super Megaforce fights. If they had to make one, go for the sword but it would’ve added more accuracy and play value to have the gun included in any of the products. Like the trident, I was again disappointed at the lack of weapon molds. Samurai and Megaforce had unique and painted molds for standard issue weapons, weapons from power-ups, and signature weapons. They did almost every weapon, some with no chance of reuse. For Super Megaforce it would’ve just been a trident for Silver with standard issue guns and swords for everyone else. That’s only three new weapon molds. Was that too much?

Let me say this about variants. I like metallics when they’re actually shiny and I also like translucents. However, if you’re not going to do the whole team like that, what’s the point? We’re just going to end up with a bunch of Rangers that don’t match and never will. I know Mega Bloks doesn’t want to put the regular versions here because completing the team would be too easy but the Green variant really puzzles me. At least battle damage, translucent, and metallic still retain their standard look and colors. Who thought swapping the gold details with the silver details on Green was a good idea? I know it’s not cost-effective but they should’ve added more past Rangers. These bags are a great way to get them out there since they rarely belong in the sets. As I’ll bring up in following reviews, there is a huge need for a few more key Reds.

Final Thoughts: It’s a little difficult to recommend the whole set. The error with Silver’s helmet really knocks off a bunch of points especially since he’s the secret figure and the most rare. There are also some very noticeable paint/quality flaws on some of the figures which is common with Mega Bloks. My biggest problem is that there’s a lack of effort compared to previous sets when it came to certain details and weapon molds. I really like the Super Mega Cannon so if the whole set won’t set you back much, go for it. Otherwise, pick your favorites. For me, I had to have Yellow, RPM Red, and Silver despite the helmet. I also like translucents so Super Megaforce Red as well.

For every following review, they’re things I haven’t opened yet so they’re new to me and hopefully you. Next time we see Mega Bloks sort of rectify the problem of my not having a regular version of the Super Megaforce team.


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