Kre-view: Kre-O CityVille Invasion A6930 Mayhem’s Prison Break

Have something kind of new for you guys. One of my first reviews was for Skyscraper Mayhem, the biggest CityVille Invasion Kre-O set. This is what I believe to be the sequel to that set and it’s called Mayhem’s Prison Break.

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This was shown at last year’s New York Toy Fair along with two other CityVille sets. I honestly was surprised to see that more of these were being made. No disrespect to those who created them but these sets shelfwarmed bad. I bought several of them but I suppose most didn’t care. I went for this knowing that it probably won’t be released properly like recent Kre-O products. Of the new sets shown, this is both the biggest and my preferred one so that was lucky.

Here are some shots of the box.


It seems Dr. Mayhem was arrested for his plot to hypnotize bananas in the Skyscraper Mayhem set. Here we have Karl Boom throwing dynamite at the tower while a shark is shooting lasers at the dynamite. What, dynamite’s not enough? Nightlock’s on the main tower shooting at the other tower. Pretty dark for a building toy to have someone shooting a person, even if it’s a prisoner responsible for hypnotizing our bananas. Finally, it looks like Trinocular’s going to get away because nobody’s paying attention to him. Er… why does he have $1000? Yup, always fun to analyze CityVille boxes.

Something absent from this set that I miss is the mystery Kreon. If I had to guess, the robot guy probably would’ve taken that slot. It seems pretty out of place compared to the other figures which the mystery Kreons usually are. The left-fieldness of mystery Kreons is something unique about the CityVille sets.

Here are the contents of the box. The base plate was covered in cardboard like last time to protect it. It’s nice to see that still being done.

This surprised me but there were no extra pieces except for two of the rubber parts for under the base plate. If they get messed up, the sonic motion won’t work properly. Not complaining but most building sets usually come with extra parts for no reason.


Close up of the stickers


Front and back of the instruction booklet

The back is an updated image adding in the new sets though not all the old sets get named.


Now for the Kreons and accessories. From left to right: Dr. Mayhem, Karl Boom, Trinocular, Nightlock, and Lou Tenant. We also have a shark called Razorbite. Should be noted that this is the third figure for Dr. Mayhem who I believe is the only CityVille character to have multiple Kreons. As always you only get one display brick despite multiple figures.


One of the reasons I ended up buying the set was Razorbite. It’s a shark with lasers! I think they may be lasers of the frickin’ variety too. Unfortunately Lego beat Kre-O to laser sharks a long time ago yet for some reason didn’t include them in any The Lego Movie sets. In the second picture, you’ll see he’s got bite marks. No wonder the poor guy’s firin’ his lazers. I really wish this set came with at least one more of these guys.


This is another of my favorite pieces here, a 2×2 tile with “the plan”.


The set comes with two vehicles and we’ll start with the police boat. It comes with Starscream’s null-rays in black. It’s a pretty simple build that I don’t really have a problem with.


Next is Karl Boom’s… vehicle. This is a really goofy design because according to the box it’s shown to be used on water. Yet you see a flame popping out the back for EXTREME reasons. It’s also got wings on the back for… I’m not sure what. Instead of null-rays this has harpoon launchers.


I like that you can take the top piece off and it looks like a little car.


Here’s the complete build. I thought it’d be smaller but the base plate is 20×24 just like Skyscraper Mayhem’s. As always be careful with the rubber pieces you stick under the base plate. They’re greasy and can leave marks/residue on your play surface.

14 114 4
14 314 2

You can check my Skyscraper Mayhem review for how the sonic motion electronics work. For this set, the moving parts are a rotating turret at the top of the tower and two red lights that rotate left and right at the front left corner. Also, you’re able to attach motion bricks under Razorbite so he can move around the base plate.

Since the base plate simulates water, I suppose it doesn’t make sense to let the Kreons walk around. That said, this set doesn’t make much use of the sonic motion with only three interacting parts. I always thought and still think it’s a cool feature but I was more impressed with what Skyscraper Mayhem had, especially since it had more. Though to be fair, that was the biggest CityVille set so of course it had more.

You can activate three sets of sounds, changing them by pressing the on button each time after it’s on. The sounds this time include: water constantly dripping, evil laughs, bowling pins being knocked over(?), door creaks, drawbridge lifting, crunches, laser sounds, gun sounds, “ya-hee!”, “wee-ha-ha!”, “hey!”, digital beeping, stepping through water, sirens, and maybe some more. There’s quite a variety of sounds this time.

The bridge between the two towers can be lifted up. There’s also a lever at the bottom of the left tower and if you press it the tower pops off and breaks into two pieces as shown on the box and here.


If you look at the box you’ll see “022789” on the left tower. This is a sticker in the set but when I put it on, the numbers blended in so you can’t see them. That’s pretty lame.


Off the top of my head I can’t think of a better way to seal off the left tower unless Kre-O makes jail cell pieces with two bars. What’s the point of putting bars on only two sides of the cell? You can stick a standard Kreon with no leg, arm, or back attachments in here but the top won’t close properly unless you make it taller which isn’t too hard but then you have to make the opposite side taller too… You can almost close it if you use a Kreon without a helmet though.


I’m sad to say that unlike Skyscraper Mayhem, you can’t take it apart and fit it all back into the box for easy storage. Not a negative but I like when you can do that.

Final Thoughts:
Unfortunately, I have to say that I’m not a huge fan of this set. To be honest, what really sold me on it was the shark with lasers… I had some real reserves on getting this one because despite being a CityVille set, it doesn’t take place in the city. Besides the sonic motion features, what initially drew me to these sets were the city locations so my Kreons have a place to hang out and as it is I can’t recommend this one too much. I’m assuming at 250 pieces the retail on this is probably $25-30, maybe $20 if this is one of their more generous sets. I got it for much cheaper than that and I’m left wishing for more or an even lower price. I’d recommend Skyscraper Mayhem over this with the price that’s at now.

At least I have a more accurate knife for this guy! Just wish it was gray and the jagged edges were on the other side for accuracy.



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