There D Hood’s Christmas Special Comes to an End (Custom Lego Red Hood Review)

Welcome to the final post of my “Christmas” spectravaganza specialtacular. I know it’s long overdue. I apologize for thinking I could pull it off when I first announced this series of posts with none of the reviews done yet. Probably won’t happen again. Now, let’s take a look at what’s in the mystery box.


Up for review is a custom Lego Red Hood. It came from onlinesailin, an eBay seller who makes lots of custom Lego figures, many of which are characters from DC and Marvel. Unfortunately, this was something I got a long time ago so it’s completely gone from eBay and the seller doesn’t seem to have him for sale right now.


The figure’s protected nicely while being shipped in such an oversized box though multiple figures probably would’ve used the same box. Red Hood’s in a bag within a bag which contains his accessories which are a gun and a rubber holster strap for either leg.

Here he is all set up.


As you can see, there’s printing on the front torso and his legs. If you’ve seen my Complaint Department posts on Lego I’ve mentioned that leg printing is something absent on almost every Superheroes figure. So I appreciate that he has some here. Then I look at the dotted lines on his feet and think “aw, you didn’t have to do that”. Those probably weren’t easy to do and nobody would’ve complained if they weren’t there. Still, good on them for doing so.

No printing on the back.


It should be noted that the printing on the figure is the raised kind you can feel. It’s not “fused” to the plastic like Lego’s. This printing might rub/scratch off with heavy play. I don’t know if you can see in the pictures but the bluish/gray shirt area isn’t too strong. It’s grainy compared to the rest of the printing. Maybe it didn’t blend with the brown torso too well. It looks fine from far away though.

Here’s a few shots of him with the one Lego knife I have. Doesn’t work too well in the holster. The blade’s way too wide for the hole. The handle gets in the way of having his arm in the standard position. Also, the knife’s too tall as you can see the tip touch the base. It’s a shame because that’s where the knife goes in the movie. He keeps both his guns sticking out the back of his pants which would’ve been interesting back printing with the rest of his belt.


Speaking of both his guns, I REALLY wish this came with two guns. I’d have paid an extra dollar or whatever for that. It would be more accurate to the character even if you don’t have anywhere to put the second one. At least the gun is as accurate as can be. I was very surprised that it matches the ones used in the movie so closely. I have to track another one down…

You got your Batarang in my gun! You got your gun on my Batarang!

Here’s some assorted shots.

By the way, that’s not bad picture-taking. The gun got censored by 4kids!

It should be no surprise that I like this guy a lot. My one major complaint above all the minor ones is that the belt’s brown when it should be black. Really bothers me because between the movie and Lego game which this design seems to resemble, both have black belts. I don’t recall seeing Red Hood in the comics with a brown belt so I’m not sure why they went with brown. Otherwise, it’s very accurate to the movie and that’s what I wanted among the bunch of New 52-based Red Hood customs I’ve seen. If Lego ever bothers to make a Red Hood, this is what I’d hope for him to look like. Unfortunately, with the New 52 minifigures, it’s up in the air what versions of certain characters we get if we get them at all.

I forget what this cost me but I know it was a few dollars under 20. Nobody likes paying that much for a little figure like this but I have to say that it’s very reasonable compared to most well-made customs I’ve seen. They could’ve easily charged more. Seeing how I don’t know the production details or cost to make one of these, around $15 is very reasonable for the quality and accessories I got with this Red Hood. Highly recommended if you can find it.

So ends my Christmas special. That’s pretty much all the Red Hood stuff I have except a few that aren’t quite review/post-worthy. You can also expect to see more of this figure on my Tumblr whenever I get to putting up fun pictures again. Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoyed this series of posts.

Next time: Not Red Hood!


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