Batman: Under the Red Hood Two-Disc Special Edition DVD Special Features Review

I promise this one’ll be short. This time we’re taking a look at the content in both Batman: Under the Red Hood discs.


Unboxing the Special Edition DVD/Inboxing the Soundtrack

Batman: Under the Red Hood Movie Review

Disc 1:
– Batman: Under the Red Hood movie (1:15:49)
– DC Showcase – Jonah Hex (11:52)
– First Look: Superman/Batman Apocalypse – Exclusive sneak peek at DC Universe’s Next Original Animated Movie (12:12)
– Trailers


Disc 2:
– Robin: The Story of Dick Grayson (24:12)
– Bruce Timm’s Picks: Robin’s Reckoning Parts 1 (22:13) and 2 (22:08)


So, first thing to take note of is that the Jonah Hex short is on the same disc as the actual movie. I don’t understand why that is. The standard release of the movie has one disc with the movie and maybe some trailers. Considering what’s on the special features disc, there’s plenty of room for the short as well. Here they’re making an entirely different disc from the standard release along with a disc specifically for special features… Why?

As a quick aside, I never understood why trailers for anything but the actual movie (which generally isn’t included) is written as a special feature. You’re just promoting your other releases. How is that special or a bonus? I can understand if you had trailers of the actual movie. You want to see what clips got included and how it was promoted. There’s some value to that and it would make the release more whole. It’s nothing to get mad over but when a lot of releases consider unrelated trailers a special feature (especially in anime where extras are scarce), it’s annoying.

– DC Showcase – Jonah Hex
So I watched the Jonah Hex short for the first time. Yes, I ignored it when I bought the thing. For a short, I thought it was okay. He’s a bounty hunter and doesn’t take kindly to those who get in the way of his bounty. You get the gist of his character from how he acts towards others. He’s got no remorse for bad people and doesn’t mess around in fights. He just wants his monies. Later, a guy gets his face knocked onto an old-timey heater which was on and the metal was hot. You see his face get burned from it. Eww… I could watch more of this. It’s just a shame that there hasn’t been another short like this in years. No doubt this was better than the live-action movie. Despite my reaction, I still wish Jonah Hex’s mug wasn’t on my slipcover, paper insert, and disc 1…

– First Look: Superman/Batman Apocalypse
Um, why is this here? I know you guys want to promote your next movie but this is behind the scenes stuff. You put this on an unrelated movie instead of a simple trailer? I get that this might help people get hyped but shouldn’t it be with the movie itself? People like behind the scenes content. Even worse is that there’s no such content for Under the Red Hood here. I just found out that Under the Red Hood got a First Look with the previous movie. If you have to put it in the previous movie, why not also put it with the actual movie? Don’t you think people who saw the movie might appreciate seeing some behind the scenes? Anyway, this tells you that Supergirl’s in this movie even if she’s not in the title. You see some of the people behind the film talk about it while clips and animated storyboards sometimes pop in. Fine for what it is. Just wish it was for Under the Red Hood instead.

– Robin: The Story of Dick Grayson
Um… why is THIS here? Dick Grayson? You mean the guy who was in the movie for less than ten minutes? Nothing wrong with him, but why is this with Jason’s movie? What, you couldn’t talk about Jason for 24 minutes? You learn more about Jason in the First Look for Under the Red Hood and that was a few minutes out of twelve. Not only that but the First Look was packed with an unrelated movie. This is fine as a bonus feature. It covers a lot like these usually do. Problem is that this isn’t the movie for it.

– Bruce Timm’s Picks: Robin’s Reckoning Parts 1 and 2
Sigh… You couldn’t at least pick Sins of the Father to showcase Tim Drake? You skipped Jason over in The Animated Series but Tim’s story and character had elements of Jason’s making that episode relevant even if newcomers wouldn’t pick up on it. Or how about Old Wounds to give some context on why Dick left and became Nightwing? Granted, the Robin’s Reckoning two-parter is a memorable part of the show. Thing is, Dick Grayson’s introduction has no relevance as a special feature to this movie. It’s like they thought that since Jason was a Robin, but there’s nothing with Jason as Robin, Dick’ll do even if Tim made more sense.

Final Thoughts:
The Jonah Hex short was fine. A good way to get lesser-known heroes out there. I do have something against every other addition. If you’re going to do special features for a movie, couldn’t you make sure they’re relevant to the movie? There’s no behind the scenes, no making of, nothing about Under the Red Hood. I would’ve really appreciated a commentary track. That doesn’t require any filming and at worst minimal editing. Unless you REALLY want to see the Jonah Hex short, I wouldn’t bother with the two-disc release itself. If you can get the Best Buy version, the figure makes up for it. But hey, if you end up getting the standard release, at least Jonah Hex isn’t all over the packaging.

Coming up is the final part of the “Christmas” special. Don’t know if it’ll live up to the hype but it’s a current favorite of mine. Post is coming up very soon.


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