Unboxing – Batman Under the Red Hood Two-Disc Special Edition DVD & Inboxing – The Soundtrack

The “Christmas” extravaganza continues with one of my favorite movies of all time. Well… more like the film’s packaging along with a sealed soundtrack. We’re setting records here with both an unboxing and inboxing. What’s the point of reviewing a sealed CD? Absolutely nothing!

We’ll get into the film itself next time but let’s take a quick look at what’s in the two-disc special edition first.

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Nothing too special about the box, but that’s understandable. The back of the box has the same images as the back of both the slipcover and the case.


You’ll see that the figure is taped to the slipcover of the DVD case. I get that they did it to keep the figure in place but if you take off the tape wrong you might peel off a chunk of the cardboard. Nobody wants that.


Slipcovers are pointless. Sure, they take all the dents and damage done to the actual case, but then who wants a beat up slipcover? That said I don’t mind them when they look nice or are holofoil like this. I just wish they did it with the case’s paper insert instead. I don’t care for the Jonah Hex thing at the bottom. Come on, I don’t want that on my nice slipcover; even if the cartoon’s exclusive here. Ugh, it’s also on the actual paper insert. No… not the disc too… Curse you, Jonah Hex!

3 4 5 6 7

This version of the two-disc was exclusive to Best Buy and comes with a 3.75″ (counting the base) Red Hood figure based on his appearance in the movie. The designs for these DC animated movies can be really questionable and/or terrible but the designs (besides Nightwing’s haircut) in this film were great so some toys would’ve been nice. Public Enemies (another straight-to-video DC movie) got a toyline in 2009 which I assume failed bad due to shelfwarming. Since then there hasn’t been any other mass release toys for these straight-to-video movies. It’s a real shame, but I can’t blame them. Still, a collector’s line of select characters/designs from these animated movies would be welcome. What I’m saying is I want a Red Hood figure based on this design. Closest thing I can buy is some maquette/statue. It’s really nice but I’m not paying hundreds for that…

Anyway, this figure is surprisingly detailed. I didn’t think they would put that much effort into a video bonus but I think it shows. There’s paint in all the right places. The sculpt is very nice and pretty accurate. Only problem is that his jacket’s brown in the movie, but it’s black here. I’ve seen it black in comics and movie art but considering it was packed with the DVD, I wish it was accurate to the film. They didn’t have to do this but both arms can swing all the way around. The legs are stationary and unfortunately you can’t take him off the base.

8 9 10 11 12

The pose is awkward from certain angles. The torso’s too forward. Also, knowing that you can move his arms, I wish his head could turn as well because he’s not looking straight forward. Despite these nitpicks I’m happy I got a Red Hood figure at all, especially one based on the film design. There aren’t many Red Hoods in general when it comes to toys. If you’re a big fan of the movie, I definitely recommend tracking this down if you can. I’m very happy with the figure.

And now for the sealed soundtrack.

Here’s the front of the CD case.


Here’s the back of the CD case.


Here’s the track list which is near useless unless you watch the movie and match the songs up with the scenes first.

1. A Death in the Family
2. Main Titles
3. Mob Boss Meeting
4. Amazo
5. Batwing
6. Batmobile to Arkham
7. Interrogation
8. Rooftop Chase
9. Flashback
10. Black Mask Strikes Back
11. Techno Ninjas
12. Break Out
13. Deal with the Devil
14. Ra’s Story
15. The Bridge
16. Final Confrontation
17. The Choice
18. End Titles

And… we’re done. Next time, I review the actual movie which may take a while. After that I’ll cover special features.


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