Inboxing – DC Comics Multiverse: Red Hood by Mattel

Apologies for the delay. I hope you all had a great Christmas. I’d have gotten this up on time were it not for the plot intervening. There’ll be three more Red Hood posts coming soon. Hopefully you’ll see them by new year’s.

Let’s start with the newest thing I have. I don’t care to open it so this’ll be my second inboxing review. Based on the design from the Arkham Knight video game, this is Red Hood from the 3.75″ DC Comics Multiverse line by Mattel.  A little while back I found out that they were making him for the Multiverse line. While not the look I’m used to for the character, I felt the need to get him anyway so my Red Hood collection can grow.


Before we get started, I want to make it clear that this is a line intended for collectors. You can tell because it says “adult collector” on the top right. Also mentioned is that the figure is “highly detailed and authentic” as opposed to all those poorly detailed and fake toys in the same aisle.


Looking at the front, I like the way the packaging looks. It’s nice that you’re able to see the whole figure. There’s usually a photo/art on the left and they have the logo of the source for the figure’s design above it. For a line that pulls from movies, games, and more, it’s nice to see uniform packaging.

Unfortunately, the packaging isn’t very collector-friendly. I generally prefer boxes so you can store figures back for sealed display. Not reasonable for a figure this small I suppose. Here, you have this unnecessary cardboard wraparound on top. You can detach and lift the right side of the wraparound (which is taped) so you can take the plastic bubble off easier but I don’t get why they didn’t just put this piece inside. You can try the “cut the plastic around the bottom leaving the top attached and slip the plastic tray out” technique but you’d have to cut pretty high to attempt it and even then it might be too tight to pull the tray out. Good luck getting it back in if you do.

Looking on the back we get the same art from the front but we can see more of his arms this time along with some information.


Red Hood
Real Name: Unknown
Occupation: Vigilante
Weapon of Choice: Twin Automatic Handguns

I question why they needed to put down “unknown” for his name.  Was this necessary? Is there a reason to keep it a secret from the people buying this figure? To be fair, I haven’t played the game. This Red Hood might not be the Red Hood I’m thinking of. Pretty darn sure it is though.

Looking at the figure I think it looks true to the art for the most part. Some of the details are missing like the zig-zags on the left and right of his shirt and his belt could use some more metal parts. The bat symbol is way too huge on the figure compared to the art. You can’t even see the whole thing, so what’s the point?


The straps on his pant legs could use some paint instead of just being the same color.


Despite all that I suppose it’s a “close enough” attempt. The sculpt is fine and while I could use some more details, the figure’s okay.

A major problem I have with this purchase is that he doesn’t come with any accessories. I mean, right on the back it says he uses handguns. You can even see them in his hands on the art. The figure’s right hand clearly looks like it can hold a gun. However, his left hand is a closed fist which is a shame.


No reason both hands couldn’t be open in case you find guns for him. I don’t collect this line but almost every other figure comes with accessories. I look on the back and Two-Face doesn’t have a gun either. What happened here? A figure from a line for “adult collectors” really should include guns for a character that primarily uses them. Reuse the guns for other characters if you have to.

The last thing I’ll talk about is the design. We all know there have been a few Red Hood outfits over the years. Here he has a helmet but they erased the facial features making it look like the original’s dome helmet. Then they give him a hoodie with a red hood… like someone thought that for people to get why his name is Red Hood, he actually needs a red hood. This guy’s from a comic book. If the creators call him Red Hood or whatever silly comic book name, people just go with it. Granted, names do need to relate to the character but I figure most people assume the red helmet’s why he’s called that. It’s not so much complaining because they didn’t use the design I’m used to but this is a silly change. If he didn’t have the hoodie, he’d just be another iteration of the usual design and I wouldn’t have typed all this.

Final Thoughts:
It’s hard to recommend this one because I’m not a fan of the design. If you like the design I think it’s a decent attempt. Definitely try to get it with a discount. I don’t really collect the line but I’m not feeling the $9.99 price point for figures this small despite the details. The lack of weapons hurts this one as well. If you’re considering these, check for bad paint/issues because Mattel can be pretty bad with quality. The Multiverse line is pretty ambitious in that it pulls character designs from many sources so while I didn’t like this design too much I’m looking forward to who/what else they pick. While I feel lucky they made a Red Hood at all, I’m hoping for another with a more standard design.


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