Complaint Department – Lego Super Heroes: Epilogue, 2015, and BootLego Heath Ledger Joker

Welcome to the last part of my first Complaint Department. I’ll be giving my thoughts on the upcoming Super Heroes sets for 2015. I’ll also be looking at a bootlego Heath Ledger Joker to show you the differences and give you an idea of what you’d be getting should you want one.


And here we… go.

I know that my posting all these posts is pretty late. It’s part of why I rushed these out. I was pretty close to not posting them but I decided to do it anyway. I spent so much time writing them and if some of my points are negated with the 2015 sets, so be it. The minifigure choices seem outstanding. Full judgment will be reserved until the sets are out. For all my complaints, even I have some high hopes this time around. I know I’ll be getting the Green Lantern/Sinestro set. I’m glad it’s the cheapest because everyone’s been waiting for him to complete their Justice League.

Otherwise, the Flash in the Grodd set has me interested. I’m really hoping it isn’t just the 2014 one with boot printing as it would invalidate the first release. I’m a big fan of Flash and I bought the Riddler Chase set pretty much just for him. Wouldn’t be surprised if others did the same. I’ll admit that I appreciated Lego touching on Beware the Batman (which I liked) and the flawed Batmobile was still okay. Still, if Flash wasn’t in it, would we have bought it? If Flash just had boot printing, it would’ve been perfect, but no. He had them in the game, the movies, pretty much any incarnation ever, but Lego went “nope” on the actual figure. I don’t want to buy this new set just because Lego was cheap/lazy on the boot printing. Unfortunately, the Grodd set looks to be big and expensive. It really bugs me that they forced that Bat-mech in there (classic Lego). Like he really needs that against Gorilla Grodd and Captain Cold. The Invisible Jet wasn’t enough? Maybe the mech’s meant to take down unknown Driver. This set has the most figures but it could have been trimmed down. Initially I was excited for the Invisible Jet thinking it was the sole build. Knowing it’s in the set with the most figures with one bigfig and another large build, not so much anymore. If this Flash has boot printing, is there a card for how I might feel…?


Speculation on the prices of these sets has me wondering if I’ll get any of them besides Green Lantern’s. If Lego didn’t do that stupid spend $75 to get a Martian Manhunter promotion I might be more inclined to give them money for the Brainiac Attack set. I’m not sold on the builds in the Black Manta Deep Sea Strike. Black Manta being the only unique character doesn’t help either. Darkseid Invasion looks just slightly less big than the Grodd set and I’ll most likely pass on it because of the price. And of course the supposed biggest set has the biggest new character count. As a fan of the Justice League cartoon, I wish it had Hawkgirl instead of Hawkman. Would’ve helped with the girl hero count too. Also there’s finally a Green Arrow for everyone! It’s just in an expensive set!

Lots of positives for Lego at this stage. Vehicles people know, villains that aren’t just Batman’s, and a great selection of heroes new and old. Yeah, Batman’s in three of the five sets but hey, they’re setting records with this wave. Either Lego’s listening or they’re finally doing sets with the games in mind. They’re just three games too late. I’m sure many will be happy for this wave. As for Marvel, not as much news on that side but my number one request is absolutely no standard Spidey. Maybe one, but JUST ONE. Give the kids something new, guys.

Now let’s talk about this guy.

bl bl1

I found a table selling these and while I knew immediately that they were fake, I ended up buying him. It was a moment of weakness for me because while I planned to review it, I simply wanted it too as I’m a huge fan of The Dark Knight. At the time, I knew the UCS Tumbler was coming out and that Heath Ledger Joker was in there but despite my being such a big fan, no way I’m spending $200 on that. Did they really need to put those figures in there? Did Lego not have faith in the build so they went to the trouble of designing new figures everyone wanted and tossed them in to help sell it? The Tumbler here wasn’t even scaled for figures to ride in it. It’s comically oversized. So what’s the point? Filling their Pot of Greed? Big shame because here’s an accurately black Batman Begins Batman to round out the trilogy Batmen and people have wanted Heath Ledger Joker for years. Now, for those who dropped $200 on this Tumbler I guess you’re rewarded with nice figures but I feel the UCS sets should stand on their own. These are things that should be bought and judged on the build alone. Stop putting exclusive figures in these, Lego.

The bootlego Joker design was stolen from a custom and I prefer this one’s face to Lego’s. Just wish his hands weren’t white since that’s inaccurate to the film. Acceptable losses for what I paid and easily rectified. When I bought it, I loved how there were little signs that said “Lego compatible” and the guys selling them tried to pass them off as customs. Just like buying from those deceptive Ebay sellers in person. I played dumb and went along with it. Clearly they had no shame about what they were doing. I will never buy a bootlego again but I didn’t feel too bad about this one with the way Lego handled their Heath Ledger Joker.

If you’re a Lego fan, once you touch a fake you’ll probably be able to notice the difference. The plastic is much more smooth and slippery. They also feel lighter and cheaper. I can’t say if they scratch easily but there are a lot of scratches and marks on these fakes. Also, if you take the hands out, they don’t “snap” back in like Lego’s do. They just go in.


The face printing here is perfect. They even got the skin-colored marks on the forehead like he should have. The torso printing is missing some white. Picture’s a little blurry here but if you’ll notice on the top there are purple spots on his shirt collar where it should be white. They’re all like that so I guess someone missed this or they didn’t care. Good on them for doing leg printing to complete his coat. The printing is the kind where the details aren’t raised so you can feel them or scratch them off. They’re fused to the plastic just like Lego’s torsos which is nice.


There’s a minor difference between a Lego and bootlego torso. They seem pretty similar but the edges on the fake’s torso top are more sharp and pointed where Lego’s is curved and smooth.

Another difference as you may see in the picture is the crotch area. Lego’s is circular and blends into the legs perfectly while the fake’s crotch sticks out at the top.


Here you’ll see that for whatever reason, the leg connectors don’t resemble Lego’s at all. They aren’t even close. Despite such a huge difference, the legs are somewhat compatible with Lego torsos. The legs here will loosely but easily fit into a Lego torso. However, the Lego legs may take some effort and it’s a really tight fit putting them into the fake’s torso. I don’t recommend it.


I don’t regret buying this guy except that I supported the guys selling them. When I went back later, I saw that they sold through all their “customs” so that tells me these sell very well. Now I’m not going to recommend you go and buy this thing. I will tell you that my reaction to the figure itself was overall positive. Besides being scratched up when I got it, it blends in okay with Lego figures and if you get a good one (as printing consistency is a common problem) you shouldn’t be disappointed. You may have to gamble on buying several copies in hopes of getting a good one but they’re so cheap online that doing so won’t hurt you much. You already know my stance in that I won’t be buying any more fakes.


So ends my first Complaint Department. I promise the next post won’t be building toys again.


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