Review: Tenkai Knights 10602 Mini Figure Blind Packs Wave 2 with Codes

Two posts in a row? That’s right. I wanted to get this one up quickly and we’ll be taking a look at something pretty new this time. As far as I know, no one’s listed codes for these so I’m hoping this’ll help some of you out there even if these have been around for a few weeks.

1. Bag front

Going to start by talking about the last time these came out. While I’ve seen a lot of the show, I didn’t have a clue who these characters were. In wave 1 the guy that drew my attention was the black mini figure who seemed the most unique. Grabbed one at random and got him. Turned out to be a Kindoh Trooper. While I haven’t seen all the episodes I don’t recall hearing “Kindoh” in the show. The other figures were pretty much repaints. The instructions indicate they’re either good or bad generic soldiers/animals. While I’m not sure how I’d feel if they put main/named characters in here I was pretty disappointed. This is great for those who like to army build but I generally don’t do that and probably won’t for this line.

Front and back of the bag
1. Bag front2. Bag back

Here’s one side of the instructions sheet
4. Instructions front

Since I once again did not know who any of these guys are I grabbed one hoping for the white one at the front and got him. I was hoping he was one of the Guardians from the show because while there are several of them in the show that’s kind of better than another random trooper. So what’s this guy called?

3. Instructions back

Tenkai Trooper… Really?

Now it’s sort of my fault for not knowing and while I don’t pay attention to the background guys, I thought the new helmet meant he’d be anything else. I was wrong. Knowing that the green guy shares the same helmet, Guardian might’ve been a stretch here. It’s a shame because there’s no sign we’re getting more Guardians. Anyway, rest of the set is assorted repaints/new chest prints with some weapons I haven’t seen before.

So while I’m disappointed, I’m otherwise okay with the figure itself. The figure is dark gray unlike the package where he’s clearly white. Beyond that he’s also sparkly/glittery which is random but fabulous. Now I’m curious if the other figures are also like this.

5. Parts

6. Helmetless

7. Complete

The brick transforms the same way the other knights/troopers do. It’s got ball joints for the shoulders, arms, and legs for lots of posing potential. Comes in handy for when he wants to exercise or do the splits.

8. Splits

I kind of wish his weapon had a longer handle so he can hold it with both hands but I’m guessing it shoots projectiles in the show. Like some of the other figures I have the quality is excellent with solid plastic and clean printing.

What does bug me is that the head doesn’t turn. This and other issues with the line may come up in future reviews but I’ll be brief. With the original figures, some can turn their heads but some can’t. A representative on the Tenkai Knights Facebook has said way back that future figures will have turning heads and I thought by now they’d have fixed that. It’s been a while…

One improvement over the previous wave is the actual use of codes on the back of the bag. Last wave there were numbers and letters impressed on the bag but they didn’t help. I found a full box and did a quick feel to check each letter and it worked out. Something else different is that the figure pieces are loose in the bag whereas last wave they were in another very thick plastic bag making the feeling process more difficult.

10. Codes

The only thing that matters is the final letter so just check for that one. Be careful with future boxes switching the codes as some companies are known to do. If I got any of these wrong, let me know and I’ll fix them.

40319AWK(G) – Tenkai Trooper (White) with flame stick
(H) – Tenkai Trooper (Gray) with crystal stick
(I) – Tenkai Trooper (Green) with big gun
(J) – Tenkai Quadrax (Red/Yellow)
(K) – Corrupted Trooper (White/blue helmet)
(L) – Corrupted Aerax (Black helmet and yellow claws)

I’ll probably review more Tenkai Knights toys later on but right now the line really needs to catch up with the show. I’ve rarely seen a toy line this behind. Before this wave and the “new” Robofusion packs, it’s been a long time since we got something new. I’ve been losing interest because I’m seeing all this cool stuff in the show but no sign of a release date despite all that was shown at Toy Fair. Of course if I saw the new toys tomorrow I’d still pick them up. They’re cool little toys with a new and unique concept added to the building toy figures kids already go nuts for. It’s done well and I don’t mind supporting that.

Riding Dinobots? We can do that too… just with our Quadraxes…
9. Ride


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