Review: Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Samurai 5824 Claw Battlezord vs Mooger

First review! Did a light search and I didn’t see any reviews for this set. I was a little surprised since I thought there’d be someone who would have gotten this set for the Megazord micro figure and then do a quick review on it. Let’s pick up the slack on this two year old set.
17. Final

I’ll start by saying that I was a big fan of Power Rangers when Mighty Morphin’ came out. There was a lot to like from the live action fights, robot battles, and pretty likeable cast. Looking back there are some major negatives to point out and it doesn’t quite hold up to other kids shows in the 90’s such as Batman the Animated Series or Beast Wars. Still, I’ll always have a big sense of nostalgia for the show especially since we’re coming off the 20th anniversary. I stopped watching somewhere in Zeo and really stopped after the Turbo movie. After Saban bought Power Rangers back from Disney and started making Power Rangers shows again I barely knew it happened.

I’ve only seen maybe four episodes of Samurai/Super Samurai all the way through. The only things that really stood out were the bad acting and terrible lines. Obviously I didn’t have much motivation to follow it. However when I ran into the Samurai line from Mega Bloks I got hooked. The Power Rangers sets/figures were my first experience with Mega Bloks and there was a lot to like compared to other building toy companies. There was a lot to not like as well but let’s get started.

First, a few shots of the front, back, and right side of the box. Left side is the same as the right minus the QR code.
1. Box sides

The front shows you exactly what you’ll be doing with the completed piece. Placing the figures on the city scene and having them smack each other around. A sometimes unfortunate result of these sets are that the figures are all anyone wants. A Megazord micro figure is something I’ve never seen before this set and unfortunately hasn’t been attempted since. I definitely picked this up for that reason but I also liked what I saw on the box. As I said earlier the Zord fights were a big part of Mighty Morphin’ and seeing a Mega Bloks set with a buildable city scene seemed like a great idea. We’ve never really seen anything like a Zord fight playset before, not even with the action figures. Not only that a lot of Mega Bloks sets I have incorporate unique ways of play that I don’t see in other building toys. The “rock ’em sock ’em” action felt just right and I ended up buying it for the set, not just the Claw Battlezord figure. It’s always a good thing when it’s not just the figures that dictate your purchase even without reading reviews prior to the buy.

Next is a shot of the contents right out of the box.
2. Contents

The first thing to take note of is that the box does not close. You open one side and the flap just stays open. This is how it is with a lot of building toys and it’s pretty annoying. Granted if you’re careful or position an open box properly, anything you put in won’t fall out but I still wish the box would close. Another thing Mega Bloks does a lot is leaving the micro figure display brick loose in the box. You can also tell display bricks apart by the random letters and numbers on the back side. This is a complaint that will carry over into future reviews but it’s a little annoying when a set has multiple figures but only comes with one display brick. Best part of the set at this point is no stickers.

Front and back of the instruction booklet
3. Instructions front4. Instructions back

Some of the smaller bags come with a perforated line but unfortunately they don’t work that well and unless you tear the bigger bags to shreds you’ll probably have scissors handy anyway. Thanks for trying?

Leftover pieces sets always come with…
6. Leftovers

Now for the supposed star of the set: the Claw Battlezord. When I bought this set I didn’t really didn’t know what this guy was but I’m actually really glad they chose it for the first Zord micro figure. You’d think they would go right for the basic Megazord. While I didn’t get into Power Rangers Samurai I did like the ideas that went into the Gold Ranger’s arsenal for his Sentai counterpart. Sushi Morpher? Lobster and squid Zords? Here we have the robot mode for the lobster Zord so that’s perfect for me. Unfortunately, the sushi Morpher didn’t carry over to Power Rangers. I would’ve loved to see them call it a jelly donut Morpher.

Claw Battlezord’s micro figure parts spread out
7. Battlezord parts out

Quite a lot of pieces. One thing that always impresses me with Mega Bloks. It’s how often they make completely new molds/pieces even if they have little or no re-use potential. Just seeing them print the lobster tail on the rubber skirt (which you’ll see later) is amazing. Everything here except the head, torso, body legs, and swords will never be used again. Repeat parts happen far too often in other building toy brands so I really enjoy seeing new parts. It’s a shame that they didn’t print a Megazord mouth for this guy. Since they didn’t, it would’ve been easier to just give us an all-black head unless they had that many red-eyes Antonio heads left over. The shoulder pads, skirt, and orange piece are rubber. The figures made for Samurai and Super Samurai are pretty much Lego figures so they’ll be in good company together.

Below we have the first problem.
8. Battlezord front9. Battlezord back side

The helmet doesn’t cover the face even though the instructions say to put the face side forward. Easily solved by turning the head 180 degrees but the helmet’s back doesn’t cover the face all the way either… Once again, an all-black head would’ve helped unless they really wanted to push the idea that it’s Antonio (Samurai Gold Ranger) fighting. Face parts sticking out of helmets is a common symptom of building toy figures that I’m surprised still happens. Another problem common with Mega Bloks is their tendency to paint poorly. You’ll notice uneven painting on both legs, more significantly on the right. I still think the figure looks very cool and close enough to the show suit. Just some quality problems that comes with Mega Bloks.

Mooger’s micro figure parts spread out
10. Mooger parts out

I say it lightly but this Mooger is exclusive to the set. Not just for the new “shoe” pieces but the basic figure doesn’t have boot printing like the other Moogers. For the purposes of the set he should be wearing the big pants which do have boot printing but if you ever wanted a bootless Mooger, here you go.

11. Mooger

The hair and shoulder pads are made of rubber and the weapon can also be found in the series 2 blind packs. In the show sometimes the Moogers grow along with the monster of the week so it’s not as though a big Mooger is out of place here. It would’ve been nice to get an actual weekly monster instead though. Can’t fault them since we got new, but specific pants pieces. What I can fault them on is that the chest printing is off center.

Since these figures are taller than usual, here’s a comparison shot with a Samurai Red figure and my Mighty Morphin’ buddy done in the new Megaforce style.

12. Figure comparison

Now we finally get to the main build.


Upon completing it I do kind of feel that it’s a little bare though I think the space they gave the figures to move and fight is fine so there isn’t much room for extra buildings. I’ll just imagine this Mooger single-handedly took down most of the city. Even if it’s a little unimaginative I don’t mind the use of studs as trees and bushes.


I kind of like the buildings. They’re basic but look fine for the small set and I’m glad there weren’t ten stickers I had to put on this thing. It should be noted that I followed the instructions but the white/blue building isn’t placed where it is on the box. I feel like that building should be placed on the end like the box so the figure on the red stick can move more freely.

Nice touch with the lightning bold on the handle. Another brand new piece I don’t see Mega Bloks reusing. Be very careful pushing down the long silver parts that hold in the sticks. I can see them breaking in half because you have to place the red/blue stick between them and lock them down onto the build. It’s not too difficult but make sure to push down on the edges instead of the middle.

15. Handle

I do have an issue with the “combat system” though. It doesn’t matter which but the box and instructions place the Mooger on the red stick and the Claw Battlezord on the blue. This is most likely another quality issue but the red stick is not as loose as the blue one. Rigged for the heroes to win? I don’t think this’ll matter overall for the kids playing but I just wanted to point it out. What does matter is that despite the blue stick being easier to move the Claw Battlezord loses every time. Unlike the Mooger, the Claw Battlezord’s pants don’t stay on as tightly. When they clash the figure will quickly fall off while the pants stay on the base. Mooger vs Zord Pants?

Part of the issue might be that the Mooger’s pants are taller but I do think that it’s just a very loose connection between the leg holes and pants.
16. Pants

Final thoughts on Claw Battlezord vs Mooger
17. Final

I had a lot of issues with the Claw Battlezord such as the head problem, sloppy painting, and his poor performance fighting the Mooger. The figure still looks great for display and I appreciate all the new parts that went into it. Of the building toy brands I buy Mega Bloks has the worst quality control which is a real shame because they could be a bigger contender if they would up the quality control which is one of the biggest issues for the naysayers. There’s so much potential and risk-taking in making unique/exclusive parts that I can’t help but praise them. I feel for around $15 it’s a little steep for what you get especially with the 117 piece count. However I think it’s a great idea to add the fighting sticks to a Megazord battle scene which I think very young kids might have a little fun with. Just don’t use the Claw Battlezord… I didn’t pay full price for it but I certainly wouldn’t mind when compared to some of the $12.99 Lego sets that are out there. If you can still find this set and it happens to be below retail, I say go for it. I just hope that if Mega Bloks keeps doing Power Rangers sets from Dino Charge and beyond we’ll see more Megazord micro figures.


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